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Here's How to Recover Lost Time

How many of you get into all the New Year future-planning stuff at the end of the year? Maybe you join a group or attend a workshop, you're all gung ho and the energy of the moment sweeps you away. You feel pretty damned good - like you got your shit together and are going to start the New Year with a bang of momentum! The New Year arrives and you're exhausted from the last eight weeks or so of holiday events and activities. You decide you'll just take a little break from the hustle for a week to chill out and THEN you'll hit the ground running. Next thing you know, you are flipping the calendar to March. Shit, you aren't as far along as you thought you would be. That's OK - I got this, you say. Your timeline shifts forward. Now we've flipped the calendar to June. Five months into the year and swiftly approaching the close of the first half of 2019. You maintain your positive outlook; a glass-half-full kind of person. I get it. But let's take a REAL look at what's ahead. No, this isn't a doom and gloom reminder - this is a gentle reality check so you can GET SHIT DONE, reach those goals you set and see your ideas make it out into the world.


You can't go back but what you can do is Reset & Realign. Maybe you need to get a fresh perspective of what you really want and what you want to accomplish. And there are layers to uncover in that process. Here are some points to help you get back in the game and on track to Getting Shit Done:

  • Establish where you currently are regarding your life and/or business goals you had set for this year.

  • How far off are you from a goal you set for yourself?

  • Realistically, what do the next seven months look like for you?

  • Do summer plans (two months) limit your Get Shit Done time?

  • Will the start of the school year (10-14 weeks away) throw your schedule off?

  • What do the holidays typically bring for you? Travel? Distractions? An excuse for not Getting Shit Done? (This hustle typically starts with Halloween. But for those with school-aged children the entire final four months of the year can seem like a shit-show.)

  • Give yourself a down and dirty reality check regarding the REAL amount of time you have left in the year to Get Shit Done.

  • Go back to your list and prioritize what you want to accomplish. (5 Steps to Get Shit Done my friends. It's in this bundle.)

  • Work backwards with your actual amount of productive time left and start scheduling deadlines and tasks.

  • Identify what can be delegated to someone else. Get clear on your strengths and areas that you know you can grab the bull by the horns and Get Shit Done with on your own. Hand over the rest to someone who's area of expertise can Get Shit Done FOR you. This really gets the ball rolling.

I say this often, you see the most results of action you have taken, 3-6 months from now. ALWAYS keep that in mind when planning your Get Shit Done list. As a Creative Content Assistant, obviously specializing in helping people Get Shit Done, I can help you get many of your business ideas on the track to completion. I've been helping brilliant coaches with their online courses, websites, integrations, content and card decks. If you have been sitting on an idea, let's talk. You can't help others if you don't share your gifts and expertise with the world. And if you are ready to Reset & Realign with yourself and your goals - grab this bundle (worth over $200) now. Here are the details about what is included in it. I will be removing it from my offerings and turning it into an online course with live Q & A calls. So if you are interested in that version of it contact me and let me know so I can keep you posted.

Here's to Getting Shit Done in the rest of 2019!

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