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What My Clients Have To Say

As A Creative Partner...

"Cherrise Boucher is a treasure to behold.  Her expertise as a content creative assistant compares to none.  Communicating with Cherrise is fluid and precise.  Her intuitive ability to make your vision come alive is reassuring when working to completion through a consistent time frame.  Cherrise listens to your vision and makes it happen with her, “Get Shit Done” motto.  Her efficient support and execution of vision brings peace of mind, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment that the project will be complete in time and it will be done right.  

Thank you Cherrise for assisting the next level of my practice by creating and generating my new and beautiful website!  I have learned from you, enjoyed our collaboration, and I look forward to growing and continuing with future projects." ~ Jill Latta, Master Life Coach

Cropped Heaad Shot June 2019 (1).jpg
Melissa Kirkptrick

"Entrepreneurs! Need help with ideas, projects, launching something new, etc.?

Cherrise is the gal who can help "get shit done". I've done work with her several times over and she has helped me tremendously.

I love having my branding and it feels so good to use these materials with confidence and excitement.  So grateful for your expertise in the creation of these materials."  ~ Melissa Kirkpatrick, Speaker, Coach, Author

"I have come to think of Cherrise as my Virtual Business Guardian Angel! When you are a solo-preneur business owner, who you work with - who you allow into that sacred space of YOUR inner business world - takes on an even deeper level of importance. It is one of the reasons I always ask for recommendations, and wow - am I glad that Cherrise was recommended to me!


Professional yet personable, Cherrise gets the job done and somehow seems to always exceed expectations. Working with Cherrise to create the content for the online components of my Program, all work was completed to such a high standard and I can honestly say that she brings to the table such a 'can-do' positive attitude. It has meant that I have been able to truly focus on my side of things, safe in the knowledge that I have an expert creating the 'tangible elements' of my vision. I would recommend Cherrise in a heartbeat! ~ Sarah Lancashire, Success and Mindset Coach

Sarah Lancashire
Steve Werner

"Working with Cherrise was nothing short of awesome. Beside her creativity and organization, her willingness to go the "extra mile" was so refreshing and appreciated. I felt as though we partnered on my project and she always had my best interest in mind. Do yourself a huge favor "Work with Cherrise"~ Steve Werner, CEO Hour of Champions, Coach, Speaker, Author

"My favorite aspects of working with Cherrise are:

She was so encouraging and patient with me.
She is accessible and very responsive. 
Her prices are very reasonable. 
She is laid back and helps take the pressure off and also keeps you on task.
She helped me work through some resistance in my creative process.

I am in deep gratitude for Cherrise and her light in this world. If you have a creative design idea that needs to be in the world, Cherrise is your girl. She will make the impossible a reality for you and your ideas." ~ Lisbeth Overton, Self Love Soul BOSS, Akashic Records

Lisbeth Overton
Biljana Karamehmedovic testimonal

"I love working with Cherrise and am sure you will too! If and when you are ready to have a trustworthy and inspiring visionary to assist in bring your vision to fruition in a super aligned, super efficient, and super effective way, hire her at once. You too will be glad you did. Get Shit Done!" ~ Biljana Karamehmedovic, Educator, Author, Speaker

"I highly recommend Cherrise Boucher as a creative virtual assistant. I've had the opportunity to work with Cherrise on a number of projects. I find her easy to work with, very responsive, creative and helpful. As an entrepreneur with a lot of projects and moving parts, I can always rely on Cherrise to deliver high quality work with tight deadlines. There hasn't been anything I've given her that she doesn't know how to do or takes the initiative to learn it on her own so she can deliver! I am so blessed to have Cherrise on my team.  ~ Tandy Elisala, Leadership and Success Coach  (Note: I am sad to say that Tandy passed away in August 2019. It was a true pleasure and honor to have been part of her world. She will be missed.)

Tandy Elisala

As A Momentum Strategist...

"I have finally found what I am looking for - Cherrise. This lady knows her shit. Cherrise has made it so so easy for me to get my ideas down on paper and map out how to make them a reality. She just seems to know how to make everything I want into a reality. When I first came to her I had no real direction - I came away knowing exactly what had to be done and how to do it. I always look forward to working with her." 

~ Sorcha McAloon, Transformational Coach specializing in Trauma

Sorcha McAloon
Misty Patrella

"Did you ever wish that someone could help you take those piles of ideas you are stacking up in your head and turn them into actual projects and programs?  Did you ever wish that same person could help you brainstorm, organize and develop those same ideas so that you don't lose them?  Did you ever wish that person would also helped you time out and execute the whole darn thing so that there is no way you won't get it done?  Well, we are meeting at the right moment then! Because I have an amazing woman for you. Her name is Cherrise Boucher - and she is a magical wonder of awesomeness. She blends coaching & strategy together to help you to actually create the things you've been thinking about for a long time.  Out of your HEAD, and into the WORLD!!!!  I'd jump on that band-wagon quick, because she's already working with some heavy-hitters!." ~ Misti Patrella, Life & Business Coach

"Cherrise has helped me get organized, create and execute so many brilliant ideas I've had  that in the past would've gotten lost in scattered pieces of paper. No man's an island and we ALL need help to stay on track to keep tweaking our course in order to move forward consistently… Cannot recommend getting Cherrise on your team enough. She'll help you advance all your initiatives and finally get a whole lot more done than if you were just keeping yourself accountable. ~ Maru Iabichela, Speaker, Coach

Maru Iabichela
Michelle Vina-Baltsas

"I had been hearing that Cherrise is magical for some time, so I decided to schedule a session with her because I didn’t want to miss out. I’m so glad that I did because we had a great time together organizing my upcoming programs! In a very easy going conversation, we got a lot of stuff done and I didn’t feel pressured or stressed at all! It was truly a magical experience and I would highly recommend her, especially if you’re stuck in overwhelm and need someone to break it all down for you in easy to digest pieces that you can handle. Thanks for helping me feel more together and organized, Cherrise! " ~ Michelle Vina-Baltsas, Food & Body Relationship Specialist

"Cherrise helps me get everything out of my head and onto paper in a way that makes sense. It also fits into my calendar in a way that makes everything doable and clear. Big goals become small steps and those are so achievable anyone could do it!" 

~ Bea Marshall, Founder, Yes Parenting

Bea Marshall
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