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Books & Decks

In addition to my "I CHOOSE" self-empowerment journal, companion to the "I CHOOSE" deck and the "Bones of a Mémoire", a Journal to Excavate the Story of You companion to the same named deck of prompts, I have contributed to following books which were a collaboration among my peers. 

You can purchase my deck and journal sets by clicking here.

I've had the honor and opportunity to share some great tips and insight that I've learned along the coaching journey.  My chapter is titled 'Practical Magic'. Twelve coaches are sharing what they wish they knew when they started coaching. This is going to be a great resource for so many people. 

Best of all the profits from the sale of the book are going to Women for Women International. Since 1993, Women for Women International has been working to transform the lives of women in war-torn countries. They work with the most marginalized women in the most difficult places. And they stay for the long term—helping to create access and opportunity. Within two years, their graduates report a five-fold increase in daily income. 

Available in eBook and Paperback.

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International Bestseller
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I did it again! I guess writing one chapter in a book just wasn't enough so I jumped in and contributed another chapter in the 2nd book in the Coaches Collaboration Series.

The Amazon summary: As an entrepreneur, you know that making great connections puts you at the head of the game in your business. But you also know that making those powerful connections requires a bit of skill. This book is written by ten powerful coaches and business leaders who are all masters of people skills. Each brings their own process to this book with actionable, real life coaching.


Available NOW in Paperback & eBook 

Get Your Copy on Amazon HERE!

Energy & Awareness Tools

Reset & Realign Your Life

Customize Your Get Shit Done Model

88 Pages of Guidance, Insight, Tools & Worksheets 

2 Meditations

3 Training Videos

FREE One one One Call with Me!

"I CHOOSE" Affirmation Deck & Journal Set

"Bones Of A Mémoire" Prompt Deck & Journal Set


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A Beautiful Testimonial

"My 10-year old son is a highly sensitive individual. He always has been, but I was never able to full 'talk him down'. Well, last evening, he had an episode - he was so angry at my 8-year old daughter that he began to cry. His reaction to her was completely unwarranted, so I kinda knew that he was coming unraveled (simply overwhelmed from his day). So, thanks to this periscope from Deanna Jōhns Nichōls, the chakra deck from Cherrise Boucher and of course, doTERRA essential oils - and PRAYER, my highly sensitive 10-year old son was officially 'talked down off of the ledge'!! I used 3 cards with him. I had him read the cards aloud as I was rubbing the oils on the corresponding chakras and the bottoms of his feet. We used what we had - the grounding blend and the renewing blend for 2 of the heart chakra cards and rosemary for 1 of the solar plexus chakra. We then prayed together. When all was said and done, my little buddy was relieved to have inner peace and to know that he 'owns his personal power'. Thank you Cherrise for creating this inspiring deck of cards, thank you Deanna Jōhns Nichōls for sharing all of the information that you share. God Bless you all! ~ Tionna Person-Streeter

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