About Cherrise
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Cherrise is a Momentum Strategy Coach, International Bestselling Author of the co-authored book, "A Day in the Life of Coaches - A Collaboration" and "People Skills - A Coaches Collaboration". She has also created several card decks and journals for intention setting and self-empowerment. Previous host of the video interview series, "The Inspire-view Series™".


Her focus is on helping smart, sassy, driven women go from overwhelm and mind clutter to having clarity in the steps they need to move forward in their businesses. 

She grew up on the coast of southern Maine and has lived in Florida for more than half her life. She's a mom of two and creates balance in her life by going on nature hikes, reading in her hammock and spending precious moments with her family.

Her passion lies in getting what’s inside your head, your big vision, out on paper and planned out perfectly so your next steps are easy, clear and actionable. She collaborates with her clients so all the pieces fit together and the ‘how’s’ aren’t elusive anymore.  

When working with Cherrise time becomes your friend because you aren't wasting it on THINKING about what to do, you are DOING it! "Get Shit Done" is her motto and baby... does she ever!

She weaves awareness and energy management into her work with clients (yes, that woo woo stuff) so they can experience a sense of peace and reduced stress in their business and life which inevitably leads to increased productivity and momentum.

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