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We ALREADY Have Millions of Women in Power

We hear a lot about women wanting to see more women in powerful roles. The fact is, there are already millions of women in power.

Here is the list of qualifications for such a position:

  • Finance manager

  • Inventory specialist

  • Consultant

  • Event Organizer

  • Mediator

  • Solutions specialist

  • Waste management supervisor

  • Educator

  • Healer

  • Confidant / Counselor

  • Janitorial manager

  • Chef

  • Housekeeper

  • Organizational expert

  • Transportation specialist

  • Researcher

  • Social media manager

  • Personal shopper

  • Urgent care provider

  • Accountability coach

  • Potential to be a veterinary assistant

  • General caregiver

  • All-time best provider of love and support

  • Role model

  • Mentor

  • In addition to all previously mentioned job requirements, the role of breadwinner may also be mandatory.

  • Ability to continually fulfill all the above duties without pay and minimal praise


These are all roles filled by a MOTHER. I've even likely left some things out.

Mothers are women in powerful positions.

We need to recognize that whether or not you are a mom that stays home or one that works full or part-time, whether you are married or single, mothers are women who fulfill the WOMEN IN POWER objective.

You don't need to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company or an influential political figure to be a woman in power. As a mother you have already made rank.

Congratulations to all the moms of the world! Honor your accomplishments and your powerful position.

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