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Blast Past Self-Doubt

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs to help them get their ideas out into the world. Want to know the number one thing I would say most, if not all of them struggle with?

Self-doubt (a.k.a. imposter syndrome).

The problem with this is it creates road blocks, barriers, lack of motivation, a sizzle that fizzles, and probably a lot of unfinished projects and ideas.

Many people pay a lot of money for programs designed to increase their business - and they stall. Most of it because of self-doubt.

They question if what they are teaching is making the impact they want. They may try one angle, not get quick enough results and give up, thinking that nobody wants what they are offering.

I'd like to remind you that every single person out there has self-doubts.

Every. Single. One.

Sure, the exposure we can get seems limitless in the age of the internet. But just like the old days of junk (snail) mail that we snatched out of the mailbox only to shuffle through quickly and immediately put in the trash unopened, we are getting bombarded with ads, offers and emails that we simply scroll past or select all and delete.

So as expansive as the internet may seem for opportunities, algorithms and sheer disinterest often limit the exposure of our offers. With this in mind, don't ever think that what you are offering is not worthy. Keep going and stay consistent - it takes time.

There are people who need what you have to offer. Period.

How can you combat the stagnancy that results from self-doubt? By taking action. Get out that to-do list, and start doing. Even the smallest actions are steps toward your goal.

FINISH your projects.

You don't want to feed that self-doubt monster. By leaving your ideas on the drawing board you are giving him fuel. Those little bits of "evidence" are exactly what will pop up when you find yourself in a slump. Don't do that!

Let go of perfectionism. It's much better to get your stuff out there than to rehash and redo repeatedly before launching.

You will never know exactly what people need and what will and won't work until you get your ideas out into the world.

Finish, launch, refine over time.

Paper airplanes, baby, paper airplanes.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your business is to keep putting yourself and your offers out there.

You know stuff, you can help others, share it!

Here's to Getting Shit Done.

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