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Could You Be The Answer?

I was having a conversation today with someone about learning and we rolled around to the topics of sharing stories and teaching. We were discussing how eventually you see the patterns, recognize the overlapping stories and references and begin to realize that there really isn't anything new out there. The presentation changes but the material is the same.

Which prompted me to share a story I've shared several times but THIS time the context of it changed for me. Here it is:

Algebra, freshman year of high school. Math was never my strength. I remember struggling with it in first grade, bitching about memorizing multiplication tables in fourth grade (that's a whole other soap box I could get on regarding the need to bring that back into the curriculum) and my most discouraging attempt at Algebra in high school. I really strove for good grades and this college prep class was sinking me. There was a backwards method of teaching the material after you attempted to self-learn and did the homework. Insanity. I could not jive with this way of learning - at all. I was pissed, frustrated, angry, and had some very negative thoughts about my teacher - who obviously didn't know what she was doing, in my 15 year old mind. Honestly I still can't understand why the class was taught this way.

Eventually I got out of that college prep algebra class and moved into the same algebra class taught by a different teacher and mainly with the kids who would one day be our most skilled tradespeople. What a brilliant move! Same book, same lessons, same pace, but with a teacher who could deliver the material in a way that made sense. I aced the class!

The way a subject is presented and how a person adds their own magic and personality into it can literally give someone the ah-ha moment they've been searching for.

The concepts for every subject that exists in the world have been taught, retaught and dissected over and over again. Within your field(s) of interest you have probably heard the same things repeatedly. Identical references to books, speakers and educators will eventually, if they haven't already, crossed your field of perception. When you have been trying to achieve something and haven't quite reached that goal yet, you probably keep searching out that magic formula or that key concept that will clinch it for you. And when you start hearing the same things you've heard a hundred times you let out an exasperated sigh because you start to realize you already know this shit. So why isn't it sinking in? Why isn't it working for YOU?

What's missing? That ONE person that can deliver the same material in a way that makes total sense to you and that you connect with on a deeper level. But right now that person may be sitting somewhere holding back. They may be contemplating writing a book, starting a blog or creating a learning platform to teach others what they have learned, by sharing their experiences in relation to that thing. But they think it's all been done before. They think the field is saturated and there is nothing unique that they can contribute to the same old material.

That's where they (or you if you feel this way) are wrong! How different can algebra be for fuck-sake? It is what it is! Numbers and formulas that are the same every time. Yet, one teacher, one person who can share it in their own magical way, can make all the difference to someone who struggles with it.

Seriously, how many people out there teach the Law of Attraction? There is no shortage of material on that subject. Yet there are some individuals that stand out because of the way they present it. They share their personal stories and experiences. They share what has worked for them along with the how's and why's. And they draw in the people that resonate with them. I know you can think of examples of this that you've seen, even if you personally don't follow them

What ideas have you been sitting on because you either think you have nothing new to contribute or because you get discouraged with the how's?

It's not about you! It's about the person waiting for what you can share with them. You could be the right person at the right time for someone else. YOUR story, your path, your lessons and your teaching could be exactly what someone else needs in order to ace the class.

And because I strongly believe in idea constipation, you will eventually get all backed up and uncomfortable if you don't let your brilliance out into the world. Share your experience because someone needs it to help get them to where they want to be.

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