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Creative Content & Virtual Assisting

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Your business needs are as unique as you are so there is no one-size-fits-all package and I won't try to fit you into one.


For most creative work and content re-purposing we collaborate to determine projects and deadlines. Currently this falls under the hourly rate (except for card decks) which I require a minimum of a 4 hour retainer for.

* Links below to project-specific information pages.

What Do You Need To Get Done? Here are some examples:

  • Promotional Images for Social Media

  • Branded PowerPoint Presentations

  • Opt-ins 

  • Personalize card decks (quoted individually based on scope of project)

  • Workbooks/Manuals

  • Postcards, Flyers 

  • Brochures

  • Formatting and cover design for self-published books

  • Branded PDFs for client resources and/or forms

  • An easy to manage, started for you, Wix website (see details below)

  • MailChimp, AWeber Assistance (I can assist with other platforms as well)

  • Media Kit

  • Leadpages

  • Content Re-Purposing            

  • Branding and adding videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia.

  • Pulling quotes or points from your sales page to create graphics for promotion on social media and in newsletters.

  • Basic video and audio editing including adding slides within content.

  • And more - just ask!

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I STRONGLY Believe​ In Being Hands On In Your Own Business


Especially if you are fairly new to entrepreneurship. You will save money and not over-spend on things you don't need until you reach different levels of your business. That said, sometimes there are things that are just not in your zone of genius or you don't have the patience for. That is perfectly alright! Find those who can help you so you stay on track and continue to gain momentum in your business.


Done For You Website

Take control, get shit done and save money! 

Perfect for the DIY Entrepreneur.

Click Below To Find Out How

Melissa Kirkpatrick

"I love having my branding and it feels so good to use these materials with confidence and excitement.  So grateful for your expertise in the creation of these materials."  


Melissa Kirkpatrick - Speaker, Author, Coach

Published Card Decks & Books

You have a book you've been dying to publish, it's written and ready to go but the idea of self-publishing is just too overwhelming so there it sits, collecting virtual dust in a folder on your computer. 

You've seen people's creative card decks full of inspiration, motivation and positive juju and you have one of your own in mind but have no idea where to start.

Click Below To Make It Happen

Small Affirmation Deck - Biljana Karameh
BOM Single
Just For Today Deck
Small Affirmation Deck
Custom Card Deck
Custom Card Deck
Speaker Sheet All M Kirkpatrick
Essential Oil Card Deck
Infinite Receiving Journal
Lauren Midgley Deck
Custom Card Deck
Media Kit
Crystal Chakra Affirmation Deck
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