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Day 3 - Reflection to Projection Project

Were you impressed with your list of accomplishments you created in Day 2 for this year? Accomplishments are not always physical feats or material things. They can be within you as well. Honoring your personal power and feeling confident for example. It could also be acts of kindness. Make sure you account for all that stuff as well!

Here it comes - reality check time. This is a time to take ownership of our choices and actions. Maybe that is exactly your thing here - that you didn't make the choice to take MORE action on a project, your business, or toward a goal you had set for yourself. Maybe it's something else.

Yesterday you made your accomplishment list, which likely brought up some "yeah buts" for you. You accomplished A but your goal was actually B for example. First of all, DON'T DIMINISH THE VALUE OF A! All accomplishments are worthy of acknowledgement and a pat on the back. Taking action means you are moving forward and that is of immense value in the big picture. It also means that having taken action you have learned a few things along the way - better ways of doing something, a different approach, a NEW IDEA that was sparked. You may have heard of the paper airplane approach? I talk about it a lot because I love, love, love the concept. I wrote a blog post about it some time ago but here's the gist of it; treat every idea like a paper airplane. Take the concept (the paper) and fold it the best way you know how right now, and LAUNCH it! Does it take off and soar? Maybe it nose-dived. It doesn't matter because you can pick up that paper airplane and refold it (edit the idea for improvements) then launch it again. You can always change and improve upon something. This concept feels light and less stressful doesn't it? That whole "birthing" thing people like to associate with ideas and projects just makes me cringe and not actually want to go through it at all! It's seems like so much effort for perfection and for this "baby" to be a success at the get-go. WAY too much pressure and heavy for me. So paper airplanes it is! Choose one or two things you think you could have done better this year and write about that today. Just free-write whatever comes to mind about how you could improve the thing(s) you chose. Bullet point it, bubble diagram it, scribble it - it doesn't matter just write it out. Also write about how you will FEEL when you have refolded this paper airplane and it soars when launched. Gotta get those emotions and feelings in there because that is the language of the Universe ;-).

Here are the Reflection to Projection sheets you can download and print if you don't have a favorite journal.

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