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You First

The month of February is almost always associated with love and Valentine's Day. Usually everything from TV and radio commercials to store displays revolve around loving someone else and it's all rainbows, hearts and butterflies.

I would like to take the "love" opportunity and focus it on ourselves by throwing in a nice little mix of crystals to help support us with our loving and compassionate tendencies toward the most important person in the world to you - YOU!

The most obvious and well-known crystal for love is Rose Quartz so let's knock that one out first. This crystal is frequently used with the Heart Chakra and is a very common stone to find. Use this crystal to allow love to flow! This is also a great stone for dealing with and healing grief or trauma and for working with forgiveness. Rose quartz restores emotional balance by allowing you to love yourself, to pass your love to others and for allowing others to love you back.

Physically Rose Quartz works beautifully with your heart and circulatory system.

Azurite is a gorgeous little blue mineral commonly found with malachite. You can find this crystal most commonly as nodules (often called Azurite blueberries), and in a mass formation typically with malachite as I've mentioned.

This typically dark blue stone works well with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras as it aids in concentration and psychic abilities. It can assist in communication from the heart and awareness of communication with spirits and the Divine. This crystal is perfect for overcoming inferiority, finding your voice, and bringing in empathy and compassion.

Physically this stone is said to work well on circulation as well as spinal disorders and brain related issues.

A great stone with many every day uses and perfect for incorporating into your self-love practice is Carnelian. This typically orange stone may also incorporate browns, pinks or reds. Work with Carnelian on your Sacral Chakra for a creativity boost.

Carnelian is a wonderful crystal for overcoming any jealousy, anger or negative mental conditioning. The focus with working with this crystal is bringing in self-esteem, compassion, personal power and courage.

Physically Carnelian stimulates metabolism, is good for digestion, infertility and also works with the healing process of the skeletal structure.

A bonus with this stone is that it also attracts prosperity!

Finally let's throw in some Spirit Quartz. These lovely little quartz clusters are covered in tiny terminated points (druzy) originating from the main crystal. They are most common in a light purple color (amethyst) or white quartz. These little beauties are primarily associated with the Crown Chakra but also work with the Heart Chakra.

Use Spirit Quartz to relieve feelings of lonliness and to encourage a feeling of unity and collaboration with others. This stone brings a sense of peace, flow and belonging and improved self-esteem.

This crystal is also a wonderful protection stone energetically and physically, transmuting negative energy around you.

Physically it can assist with skin problems and fertility.

Now go grab some crystals and put them in your bath water with some lavender essential oil. Light some candles, play some relaxing music and indulge.(Grab the Schedule Yourself Into Your Life Kit here. There's a recipe for lovely bath salts in there and a couple door hangers to let everyone know it's "me time").

Take a little time to meditate and hold a crystal while repeating an affirmation. My Crystal Chakra Affirmation deck is perfect for this. (Message me if you are interested in your own deck.)

Wear a necklace, bracelet or pendant with a crystal of your choice for support throughout the day. You can even just tuck one in your pocket.

Whether you use crystals or not loving yourself first, by making non-negotiable self-care part of your routine, is critical. And don't think that I don't know that it can be a challenge to do this! I've been a single-mom for almost 10 years (I pretty much always was anyway). I understand mom responsibilities and the day to day tasks that go along with it.

What I've discovered, and I wish I had known this sooner, was that you become a better version of yourself for everyone else in your life when you make yourself a priority.

Communicate how you feel and what you need with those around you. Ask them for support and to honor your alone time. Schedule it in so everyone is onboard. Maybe you can include your family in this by asking them what they need and how you can honor something they value. The big thing is communication. If you don't express how you feel nobody will know and likely nobody will ask. It's business as usual.

Find and follow your passions, value your self-worth, honor yourself and know that


*The grid in the picture above shows all the crystals in this article with the addition of clear quartz points to amp everything up!

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