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I Saved Four Lives Today

I saved four lives today. Is this a sign?

To be fair I wasn't alone, my boyfriend was there.

So I've been asking for signs about my next phase. Solely a coach and energy healer (can I get a HELL YEAH!) or continue to build my business while getting another corporate job after my 9 year position ends in November?

I know what I want to do, but how fast can I pull it all together so that it will support me and my two children? That's the scary part! So, I've been asking for signs.

I have always wanted to see baby squirrels but never really have. I've seen their little faces in the hole of a tree before, that's about it.

I'm taking vacation time this week (gotta use it or lose it) so my boyfriend and I have been walking around the neighborhood in the morning. Well this morning we found a baby squirrel in the road.

OMG! I was so scared it was dead! I don't like to see dead animals, especially not babies.

We walked up to it and it ran right up my leg and got on my back!!!! I had a moment of

EEK! Then OMG it's so cute! And phew, it's alive!

Then we saw three more babies in the road! I held two and the other two ran up Richie's back. They could have totally gotten run over if we hadn't been there when we were.

As we were wondering how we were going to get them home the mom came back looking for them. So we got them all back onto the tree they fell out of and one by one she came and moved them to a new home.

Afterwards I was wondering, was that a sign? The baby came right up to me and climbed up! We got them right back on track to leading the lives they were born to lead.

Although I have to admit I did want to keep them and cuddle them! (And no, squirrels do not carry rabies). They are such lovely and lovey little cuties! I had one cuddled in my shirt and when I tried to put the other one with him he/she made a noise like NOWAY! My space! :D

Can we overthink signs? I tend to be a prove-it-to-me, researcher type of person. So I sometimes question signs. I like to ask for specific, no mistaking this shit kind of signs but that doesn't always happen does it?

I get the number 33 or 333 VERY often, like multiple times per day. I was even born at 4:33 in the afternoon! So I'm trying to get the Universe to give me signs other than the number 33. Today there have been Periscopes and FB posts about doubt and continuing to move onward and upward. Signs? Maybe! I know you have to look for and be aware of them. So just maybe...

As I was holding those gorgeous little souls I was thinking, "Of course this kind of stuff always happens when you don't have a camera with you."

I'm pretty sure I know why.

You will NOT be in the moment, in the now, if you have a phone and are taking pictures! The Universe is saying, "Stop, watch, listen, and be PRESENT." Amazingly beautiful moments happen when you observe where you are right now.

I absolutely wanted a picture of me with baby squirrels but I wouldn't have cherished that moment as much and been really present if I was trying to get a picture.

Stop taking selfies, put the fucking phone down and be present in your life. You just may FINALLY get the signs you have been asking for.

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