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Momentum Slacking?

Wow! We are almost done with half of 2015!
  • How are those New Year's resolutions coming along?

  • How about those goals you set for your business this year?

  • What about those personal targets you set for yourself?

Time sure does fly and this is a perfect time - the half year mark - to take a look at where you are and where you plan to go before the end of 2015. If you haven't gotten as far as you thought you would be by now there could be any number of reasons for this. Maybe you're notpassionate about the original goal you set anymore. Be honest with yourself and ask these questions: "Am I really all-in on ___________?" "Am I passionate about accomplishing ____________?" "Am I willing to do what it takes to achieve ____________?" Just know this, if you felt resistance to saying YES to these questions that is ok! I've found that life, at least mine, seems to be cyclical. Things that I may have been totally excited about 3 months ago, I've slowly lost the oomph for. I've started things all gung-ho and then crapped out shortly after. That used to really bother me. I felt guilt for not following through with something. I've let those ego "gremlins" try to keep me in my safe place. Those little bastards throw fear at you and if you don't recognize it and call them out right away they will succeed in keeping you in your comfort zone. And the end result is that nothing changes. Your vision never materializes in your life. So, maybe you just need to shift and to tweak your goals a smidge to get you back on track. Maybe you need to revamp the whole thing all together. Whatever the case may be, it is totally likely that this interest that got you going in the first place will cycle back around. So if you started writing that book and only got through 3 pages, don't worry about it! Those are 3 pages less that you will be writing later. If you lost 5 out of the goal of 20 pounds you wanted to lose, congratulate yourself! You only have 15 pounds to go! My point is all is not lost. Whatever you did accomplish in your energizer-bunny-mode is always there to come back to when your passion is reignited. Sometimes just listening to other people's stories helps to "Nurture the spark that feeds the fire of your passion!" as I say in my series. And if you need a little help shoving those gremlins aside and getting back on track with a plan and accountability, please reach out to me!

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