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Reflections on Merc-Retro

Mercury Retrograde is an excuse. This cycle of Mercury retro lasts through June 11th. How many people are you going to hear blaming it for every little thing that goes wonky in their life? I'm beginning to think this is simply a law of attraction thing. What you focus on you experience more of.
You likely have your own thoughts on this regular cycle and they may not jive with mine and that's totally cool! I'm not saying there is NO effect of Mercury retro, I'm just saying that people should stop focusing their attention on it when things go wrong. I'm sure if you make note during non-retro periods you find things go awry then too with similar frequency (or infrequency).
No matter which side of the fence you are on with the effects of Mercury retrograde (other planets do this as well btw) why not be aware of and take extra precautions right? Better safe than sorry ;-)
Communication is the focus of Mercury retro. Whether it is in person, in a document, or in an email or text, make sure you communicate carefully and clearly. This goes both ways. When reading communication or listening to someone make certain you understand exactly what is being expressed prior to reacting.
Its a good time to steer clear of signing contracts or legally binding agreements. Also be wary of verbally binding agreements or commitments during this time period.
And of course there's the technology thing. But isn't there always?
Here are a few crystal suggestions for the Mercury Retrograde periods of the year. You can wear them, put them in your pocket, hold them periodically, or just have them in your space near you for a little extra oomph to help you ease on down the road and out of this 3 week period.
Good communication crystals are Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite, Aquamarine, and Blue Calcite to name a few. These crystals assist in clear communication and expressing your feelings in a calm and thoughtful manner.
Fluorite and Emerald assist with organizing thoughts and activities and improves concentration.
Shungite and Black Tourmaline are fantastic for transmuting negative energy, protection, and specifically protection from energy emitted from electronics. Good stuff to always have around.
Stay calm and grounded always. Pay attention to your breath. Take in three deep, cleansing breaths and on the exhale send any negative energy, stress, or emotions not serving you through your feet into Mother Earth. She's great at transforming that energy back into positive goodies!

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