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Understanding Reiki

I've been wanting to write a post about Reiki and it's awesomeness, but hell! I ran across this one and it is beautifully written so I thought I would just share it instead of recreating the wheel! This was written by Cyndi at

I have been a Reiki Master for about 3 years now and though I honestly don't practice it enough I can't say enough about the benefits of it. If you are interested in learning how to use Reiki in your own life and would like a session or to take part in a class, please feel free to reach out to me. In person classes are, in my opinion, much better than online classes where you cannot actually participate and interact. Just a little something to keep in mind if you are exploring options. I loved my Reiki classes and would feel so relaxed and renewed after spending the day with like-minded people. We shared giggles, made lasting friendships, and enjoyed learning a new modality for the benefit of ourselves and others if we chose.

Enjoy the article and feel free to contact me with any questions, to experience a session, or to take a class.

With all the stresses brought by the modern world, it is only common to people to look for alternatives in relieving their stress. Aside from resulting to medications and other treatments that give the promise of comfort and relaxations, people are now resulting to ancient means of relieving stress such as Reiki.

The Japanese word “Reiki” refers to a unique technique that is used for reducing stress. Ultimately used to relieve aches brought by too much stress, Reiki is also used to aid relaxation and healing not only of the person’s physical body but his or her soul and spirit as well.

Administered by “laying on hands,” (or distantly through intention) this technique for healing is believed to be effective through the use of an invisible force of life energy that flows in every living and breathing individual.

In the concept of Reiki, it is believed that when the level of a person’s life force energy is incredibly low, he or she will likely to be stressed out more often and have a higher tendency to get sick or ill compared to those people with high level of life energy force.

In Reiki, it is also proven that those people who are living healthy, stress-free and happy lives possess high level of life force energy which enable them to have positive outlook in life. These people also have greater capability to face the challenges of everyday living.

* Developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Tendai Buddhist in the year 1922, Reiki has been a very popular form of relieving stress to people all over the world. Since its discovery, the technique Reiki has evolved in various forms and has been practiced by numerous Reiki masters across the globe.

Reiki as a means of healing

More and more people are into Reiki in the previous years because the technique has shown great and incredible results. For most people who have tried it, the treatment is a wonderful solution to relieving stress. This is because they don’t have to spend so much money in buying medication that can have grave side effects and they don’t also have to undergo through painful body exercises and unhealthy regimens.

Reiki is considered as a wonderful means of relaxation because it uses the innate warmth and energy in a person. This energy is then converted to a “purer” form of energy—free from the busy schedule and toxicities of modern living. People who have tried Reiki say that the technique does not only treat the person’s physical body but also alleviates the burden in emotions, lessens the clutter of the mind, and nourishes a deteriorated spirit.

When a person is free from all these physical and emotional burdens, he or she will benefit from a relaxed in almost all kinds of environment because the feelings of calmness and serenity are infused within his or her system.

Unlike other techniques for relaxation, Reiki is one of the most simple and all natural means of healing a person’s spirit. In fact, it is so safe that almost all people can make use of it.

But, in order to make use of the Reiki properly, one must be trained and attuned by a skilled Reiki Master.

*I just want to note that Mikao Usui may have developed Reiki as we know it but he did not invent the concept. If you would like to read more about the history of Reiki you can find that here.

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