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A Bonus Q & A for The Inspire-view Series™

I connected with the lovely and gifted Tori Hartman, to be a guest on The Inspire-view Series™. And though her plate is currently full with the upcoming launch of her Life Purpose Divination Course, she agreed to answer some questions now and do the "live" interview at a later date! YAY for us!!!

Cherrise: Can you tell me a bit about your journey that led you to becoming a psychic and spiritual teacher?

Tori: I grew up having this gift already. My mother was an astrologer by hobby, and always remained completely calm when I told her I saw a ghost or the Angels were talking to me, or when I made a prediction of some kind. My gift of seeing things that had yet to happen was treated as completely normal. I never had any indication that there was really anything unusual here; I assumed everybody was like this.

The last thing I wanted was to become any kind of teacher or professional psychic. My psychic ability was always in the wings, waiting to enter the stage. In everything I did I listened to the Angels when they spoke to me or I deeply trusted my intuition.

I always felt my gift revolved around my greatest wounding which was witnessing my mother’s struggle and descent into alcoholism, and believing some of the critical and at times cruel, things she said to me before she died. I've always been able to identify with people who, like me, had to forgive themselves for loving people that didn't know how to love.

I think the truth of my journey is that I've always said yes to things that felt right. In the mid-80s I had a near-death experience and after that I had Angels speaking to me and telling me stories. These encounters ultimately led to the collection of fables that would become the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards.

My love for these stories and the energies that brought them are what ultimately led to my teaching them and developing my own work. I never knew this was my path, sometimes when you're walking your path you don't realize what it is.

Cherrise: Speaking of your path, talk to me about when you have felt afraid or doubtful about your career or even like throwing in the towel and ditching the dream.

Tori: I think the truth is that I don't always know the difference between fear and excitement. The rush of adrenaline and anxiety I felt growing up in a turbulent home I believe creates confusion around those two feelings.

There are times I have to say to people I'm working with you sure you're not actually excited? Because often people say they're afraid of something – when in actuality they're excited about it, but they can't tell the difference.

I've wanted to quit many times, particularly around times I've been humiliated when something didn't go the way I wanted it to. I think I never doubted my career, or wanted to ditch the dream so to speak, it always occurred in my life more as being angry and so enraged that I would threaten God. Even as I say this and laughing, because ultimately when I completely gave up, the new road, idea or person would appear to help steer me in the proper direction.

This doesn't mean that there wasn't painful times, or panic. Like seeing 10,000 units of my original self published deck be delivered on my driveway, and realize that I could not sell them on Amazon without losing money. That was sheer panic. I tend to put myself in situations with no way out. And somehow miraculously, spirit always reaches out and offers a solution.

In the case of the cards, I decided to put them online free and people could use them, but the decks themselves I sold off my website. And I sold 10,000 of the self published deck before meeting my current publisher Watkins Publishing, Limited UK and forming an alliance with them.

My father who was a paratrooper in World War II always told me “don't ever find anything to fall back on or you will.” So I tend to jump without a parachute.

My friend Michele Knight who is a gifted psychic once said to me that we have to find solutions and manifests things, or what good would we be as teachers and examples. I think she's right.

Cherrise: How did you get through those tough times in your life?

Tori: Through tough times, after crying, I would drop to my knees and ask for a miracle. They've always materialized when I asked for them.

Cherrise: What do you wish you knew then, prior to living your passion that you know now?

Tori: Nothing really, because the journey I've been on is what shaped what I have today. And I think I would never have taken the risks, met the people I have met, or come to appreciate the sacrifices people make in their lives to be who they are. I love the concept that you can never not have done that – because you did.

Cherrise: What would you say to people about taking a leap of faith?

Tori: JUMP!! You have to leap to take a leap of faith!

Cherrise: How has living your passion affected your personal life?

Tori: I'm happier now. Even though in my life I've had to let go of people that felt comfortable, or genuinely cared about me, I've come to understand that I can only be around people who are living their purpose. That includes friends who are great partners to their spouse as well as award winning artists. People who have the courage to live their purpose are inspirational. I love it!

Cherrise: You seem to be a very spiritual person, how has spirituality fit into your success?

Tori: It is the sole reason for my success.

Cherrise: What is one tip or strategy that you personally use, that you would like to share with everyone so they can benefit from your experiences?

Tori: The most painful things I see my clients deal with is emotions that stop them; painful memories or an inability to make changes because they feel stuck or blocked. The most powerful thing anyone can learn is how to move through challenges and feel the freedom from that experience. What I teach is a completely experiential and it’s so individual – every journey can start the same – but the process to healing is a personal one.

A big THANK YOU to Tori for taking the time to answer some questions and I know everyone is looking forward to an upcoming interview with her.

I personally own Tori's orginal self-published version of her current Chakra Wisdom Cards, and have loved them from the beginning. And her classes are quite indepth and worth checking out if you are drawn to them.

Check out her upcoming Life Purpose Divination Course or for a glimpse of what she offers check out her free ebook "Three Roadblocks to Your Destiny".

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