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The Often Overlooked Foot Chakra

An excerpt from my "Basics of Crystal Therapy" workbook.

The foot chakra is an often overlooked, but in my opinion, critical chakra. This chakra is split between the two feet, located at the ball/arch of each foot. Even though it is located on each foot, it is still considered just one chakra, as each is part of the whole. They are always linked, whether your feet are together or separated.

Traditionally, the base, or root chakra, is known to be the grounding chakra, and is typically focused on for connecting with the earth’s energies. This chakra also slows down and transforms divine energy so that is can pass into the earth effortlessly. But it is not a direct connection to the earth. This energy passes through the foot chakra before the grounding energy enters the earth. The connection between the foot chakra and the earth is important; with an open foot chakra, a link exists between the divine life-force energy and the grounding earth energy.

Blockages in the foot chakra can result in your energy leaking into other higher chakras, since it cannot easily flow into the earth. Think of it like a pipe that is blocked at one end: Eventually, the water trying to flow through the pipe will leak out into other areas of the pipe. This leaking can take away positive energy resulting in the individual becoming lethargic, bad-tempered, and irritable.

The energy at the foot chakra is often more difficult to detect with a pendulum because it is a swirling energy. To check for blockages, it is best to use your hand. Likely, practice will improve your comfort with the action. If working on yourself, sit with your feet a few inches apart. If working on someone else, ask the individual to lie down with their feet a few inches apart. Place your hand about 6 inches above the toes over the space between the feet. If the chakra is blocked, you will feel a warmth at the site. If the chakra is open to any degree, you should feel cooler, a faint tingling in your palm.

Intuitively, I use a smoky quartz for this chakra. A clear quartz can also be used, as it can for any chakra. Place the smoky quartz a few inches above your feet and move in a circular, counter-clockwise motion. Continue this while visualizing this chakra being opened and cleared, allowing energy to freely flow into the earth. You can also lay down and place the crystal between your feet and then proceeding with the visualization. Traditional clearing methods, such as meditations or guided visualizations can work beautifully, though another method, listed on, instructs practitioners to:

  • Place a glass full of a mixture of warm water and 2-3 tablespoons of dissolved sea salt in it between your feet for a few minutes.

  • After a few minutes, with your palm facing toward your feet and the glass of water, make a swirling motion to encourage the energy to go into the salt water.

  • Once you intuitively feel you are finished, make sure to dispose of the salt water, and thoroughly wash the glass before using it to consume any beverages.

Most people do not have a completely open foot chakra so don’t stress over this too much. Just practice opening this often overlooked chakra.

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