Being Human...

Those of us who are into the self-help, self-improvement, personal growth, coaching, energy work realm are often bombarded with the concepts of being in the now, releasing negativity, forgiving, looking on the bright side, and letting go. All fantastic concepts that once you become aware of certainly help with the constant battle of finding and maintaining balance and peace in your life. But if you are human, and live here on earth, these concepts are hard to maintain consistently. If you are a monk or a recluse or something, this would probably be easy peasey! But it is more likely that you are in the great majority of the human race, you have schedules, deadlines, responsibilities, and m

Crystals for Digestive Health

I adore crystals. I have since I was little. Well, mostly at that point it was whatever rock caught my eye on the way to the school bus. And there were those trips to Biddeford Pool just down the road a bit from where I grew up, that has the most beautiful smooth, flat tumbled stones along the shore. Mostly basalt. And the occasional quary field trip where I would find small garnets in stone, and I recall purchasing a rose quartz egg during one of these excursions. Here I am, MANY years later, and I love crystals for more expanded reasons now. But if I see one in my travels that attracts my attention I'm totally grabbing it! Unfortunately, there are not a lot of rocks and crystals natura

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