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Crystals for Digestive Health

I adore crystals. I have since I was little. Well, mostly at that point it was whatever rock caught my eye on the way to the school bus. And there were those trips to Biddeford Pool just down the road a bit from where I grew up, that has the most beautiful smooth, flat tumbled stones along the shore. Mostly basalt. And the occasional quary field trip where I would find small garnets in stone, and I recall purchasing a rose quartz egg during one of these excursions.

Here I am, MANY years later, and I love crystals for more expanded reasons now. But if I see one in my travels that attracts my attention I'm totally grabbing it! Unfortunately, there are not a lot of rocks and crystals naturally in Florida. In certain locations here you can find calcite within fossilized clams which are pretty cool from the pictures I've seen.

Besides being gorgeous little earth treasures, crystals can be used for energy work for any number of things from intentional grids to assisting in supporting healing various ailments.

I have to give you a disclaimer here, I am not a medical professional. I strongly suggest getting qualified medical advice for any issue concerning your health. Energy work is a complimentary method for healing and is not intended to replace the recommendation of a qualified medical professional but can be used in addition to those support your health and healing.

Digestive issues cause many problems for a lot of people and any number of things can cause them. Stress is a HUGE factor in many more health conditions than most people give credit for. So I always encourage doing what you can to manage and reduce the stress in your life.

I'm going to throw a little something out there regarding the time of day for healing organs. I'm only mentioning it very briefly here so if it resonates with you I encourage you to research the Organ Clock further.

For thousands of years in Chinese medicine they have noted that certain organs within the body function at higher and lower phases throughout the day. By paying attention to when certain things happen in your day, you may be able to determine which organ needs a little attention. This time is based on real time and not standard time so there is a little bit of calculating to be done depending on where you live. Basically is determined based on the exact location of the sun where you are. The sun at it's highest point at your location is noon. So the real time Organ Clock is based on the direct east location of the sun being at 6:00 am, dirct north at noon, and direct west at 6:00 pm.

I thought it was worth mentioning here because some may choose to amp up their healing practices based on this ancient Chinese method. So the best time to work with the large intenstion is between 5:00 - 7:00 am, the stomach is between 7:00 - 9:00 am, and the small intestine between 1:00 - 3:00 pm. These are the peak times of activity for these organs.

Let's talk about a few crystals that can be used for digestive dis-ease. Amber has been used for thousands of years in healing and is still used in some countries today. Amber and copal are both stones made from fossilized tree resin so they are actually organic and not minerals. The difference between the two names is that amber is much older than copal. But for use in energy work I consider them equal.

Amber is useful in encouraging the movement of energy around and through the body's systems. This stone is a good one for the stomach and intestines aiding in digestion. Applying stones as close to these organs as possible is preferable. You could apply the crystal to this area with a piece of medical tape and leave it in place for 30 minutes or overnight if you choose. Another option of course is to wear it as a necklace or bracelet though this obviously will not be in direct contact with the troubled area.

You may choose to make an elixir or gem water with amber or any suggested crystal and drink this in small quantities. I have seen some people that put amber on a list of possibly containing toxic elements but in all reputable resources I've checked it is not listed. Use your own discretion with this.

An easy way to make a gem elixir or crystal water is to get a clean glass jar or bottle, spring water. I prefer spring or filtered water because it is not dead water. Distilled water is dead water, containing no valuable minerals that the body needs. Place your desired crystal(s) in the water and place outside in the sun for between 2-24 hours. You can either leave the crystals in the water and continue to top off the container with more water or remove the crystals with a metal spoon or tongs. If you leave the crystal in the water you should remove it at least once per week, wash it off and dry it before putting it back in the water.

This water becomes infused with the vibration of the crystal(s) chosen to put in it. Should you want to use a crystal that may be potentially toxic because of some trace minerals it contains you can still make a gem elixir containing the vibration of these stones. You just have to put the stones outside the container but touching it. There are various methods for doing this but I won't cover all that in this article.

A couple more crystal suggestions for digestive issues are labradorite, good for reducing stress and regulating metabolism as well, and yellow jasper known for its therapeutic uses for stomach, intestinal and other digestive organs as well as to ease nausea.

Labradorite should not be placed directly in the water for a gem elixir because it may contain aluminum. It can be placed outside of and touching the container or in a test tube placed in the water.

Yellow jasper is a-ok to infuse in the water.

Use the methods I covered above in the amber section for any crystal therapy methods.

There are a number of resources online to check for toxicity of minerals and I suggest you do this prior to making any gem waters in which you put the stones directly in the water.

Happy healing! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for future posts.

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