How Are Those Goals Coming Along?

Many of you have probably heard of this by now but it bears repeating – especially since we are two months into 2015 and you may feel that you aren’t as far along in your goals as you thought you would be on January 1st. There was a 1979 Harvard MBA study centered on goals and planning for those goals. The results were pretty typical; I really don’t think times have changed much on this topic. The results of this study were that A whopping 84% of the subjects had no goals planned. 13% had goals but had not written them down. A teeny 3% of the people had written down their goals and plans to achieve them. Ten years down the road the same group was interviewed again. These results are prett

The Inspire-view Series™ Kick Off!

I am THRILLED to announce that The Inspire-view Series (TM) will officially kick off Tuesday, February 24th with my first guest, Jessica Lauren Vine. Jessica is a Network Marketing Professional and a full-time mom and wife. Hear her story and tips she has used to get to where she is now. A new Inspire-view will be released every other Tuesday througout 2015 so sign up for series updates on upcoming speakers and their free gifts for listeners! #inspireviews

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