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BONES OF A MÉMOIRE Journal & Prompt Deck Set

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A journal to excavate the story of you.

Many people don’t think their life is a particularly interesting story. We go through the day-to-day, deal with problems as they arise and move on. Just like everyone else. But how often have you wished you knew more about the life of a grandparent? How many times have you been enthralled by someone sharing an experience that to them was just something they did but to you is inspiring? Your experiences from birth until now have molded you into the person you are today. Sharing stories uncovers common threads that connect you to others. Bonds are built through storytelling. Your memories are the bones of your story.

Use this journal along with the companion Bones Of A Mémoire deck of 40 prompts to create a sacred writing practice that is simple and effortless. The prompts expand gratitude along with triggering memories that you record within these pages. Each prompt will bring up different memories each time it is chosen. From there you can use these bones to write a mémoire, a novel, a short story or simply let your memories have a home here. Whatever you choose, someone will be glad you did a little excavating.

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