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Here is where you will find workshops and training on various topics brought to you by me,

The Inspire-view Series™ and my guests.

Want to learn the process I take my clients through?

You can watch my training video, 

"5 Steps to Get Shit Done & Reach Your Biz Goals EVERY TIME"

by clicking HERE.

Quick Links for Video Workshops

"Freedom Through Forgiveness"

w/Carla Gibson, D.C.

EFT Workshop

w/Sorcha McAloon

Create Your Vision 2017 Workshop - Only $5

w/Yours Truly


"Freedom Through Forgiveness"

with Carla Gibson, D.C.

Carla Gibson, D.C. talks about physiological effects of stress and emotions on our bodies, and how true forgiveness, (yeah, we know this isn't easy!) improves your overall health.

Have a pen and paper handy! Carla walks us through the Five Steps of Forgiveness and even talks about how some things seem unforgiveable, yet there are some shifts that can occur regardless.

She has an invitation for a free 30-minute call with her - here is the link to schedule that also offers in-person 1-3 day retreats in Phoenix, AZ. 

Carla practices intuitive healing and stress release through her diverse background in various neuro-emotional techniques and her training as a chiropractor. With a passion for nutrition and natural forms of healthcare, Carla loves to be a resource for people who want to live healthier lives, naturally.

Contact Carla at

Watch her interview on The Inspire-view Series™ HERE

Inspired Quill Publishing - Q & A

with Sara-Jayne Slack, Managing Director

Managing Director of Inspired Quill publishing, Sara-Jayne Slack, and I talk about traditional publishing, what new authors can expect when publishing and some of the many options out there. 

Sara-Jayne is a wonderful resource for authors and is happy to answer questions about traditional publishing options at any time. You can reach her at and find out more about Inspired Quill at

Inspired Quill

Free Writing Workshop with Amy Brooks

Join me and author Amy Brooks as she guides future authors on the book writing journey with her step by step guidance and constructive feedback and suggestions.


What started as one free workshop turned into three and then a 90 Day Program for first-time authors!


Writing Workshops

FREE WORKSHOP - Advanced EFT & Matrix Remimprinting Practitioner, Sorcha McAloon

Are you curious about what Emotional Freedom Technique is and how it can work for you? 


Even if you are familiar with tapping, Sorcha sheds new light on this amazing technique.

During this workshop we discovered:


·         What EFT is and how EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique works.

·         Why it’s so good for stress and overwhelm.

·         Why what we want and what we get are two different things.

·         What limiting beliefs are.

·         Where limiting beliefs come from.

·         How we can get rid of our old belief patterns and adopt new beliefs that serve us.



We also practiced an EFT session for increasing energy! (Find that at 1 hour 18 minutes in.)

Contact Sorcha

If you have any questions about this technique and if it can work for you, please email

EFT Workshop

The Massive Value of Boundaries & Energy Clearing

w/ Tricia Dycka

  • Are you a people pleaser?

  • Are you putting everyone’s needs above your own?

  • Do you feel guilty saying NO?

  • Have you ever drained yourself to the point that you made yourself sick?

  • How much of your power are you giving away by saying YES and not meaning it?

As an empath Tricia learned that when she had no boundaries she was a walking doormat.  In this workshop she will share how she got to where she is now and how to take your power back by putting yourself first.

Here's what she covers in this workshop:

  • When you start saying NO find out who will be the most offended.

  • What it really means to have boundaries in place and how you benefit from them.

  • Once boundaries are in place how do you go about clearing out your energy?

  • Show others how you really want to be treated.

  • Say NO to those who are manipulating you in your business and personal life.

  • Tools and techniques to clearing your own energy that you can use EVERY DAY.

Contact Tricia

If you have any questions or want to see how you can work with Tricia contact her here:

Tricia Dycka Workshop
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