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Day 5 - 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project

Let's talk milestones (aka goals). These are often somewhat fluid but it's nice to put a few on paper to get started.

The exact time frame is totally up to you. If you are like me and prefer small bites do that. Choose a milestone that you can accomplish within the first three months of 2018. If you are a big picture type of person set your milestone for a time further into the year. Either way you'll need to create your action steps so you can be consistent in making strides toward achieving that milestone. But for right now, just make a list of a few potential milestones you would like to achieve in the coming year. Keep in mind, these can change and allow that possibility. Sometimes we set one milestone, reach it and discover along the way that what we thought would come next is either not right at all or needs to shift a little. Just play with this. Maybe you can set different milestones for different aspects of your life. Create balance - that's a must.

Share this project with a friend so you can support each other to stay on track.

Here are the Reflection to Projection sheets you can download and print if you don't have a favorite journal.

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