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Day 4 - 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project

Are you ready to move onto setting the foundation for what's to come for you? Together over the past three days, we have looked back and reflected on our personal theme, our successes and done a little reality check on what we could have done better in 2017. If you follow me on social media yesterday's card from my Just For Today Affirmation Deck was about being present. Because it's all good and well to reflect and project but we have to take time to BE where we are, doing whatever we are doing in the moment. Resetting our energy by letting go and being present. This is just a reminder to do that.

Intentions are everything right? Yes, but there has to be ACTION to go along with the intention otherwise it's just a thought. And thoughts don't become things (thank you Mike Dooley!) unless you put your foot on the gas pedal. We are going to start the Projection section of this no-stress Reflection to Projection Project with just a word. Yup, on day one I said I don't get into the word of the year thing and that's true. Maybe it's a commitment thing. It's just that a lot can happen in a year and things change. Some people may feel like not sticking to a "word" is a failure (it's not, so don't be so hard on yourself if you feel this way). So in going along with the paper airplane theme, we are choosing a word to begin the year off - for now. How about we each choose a word for the month of January, or for the first quarter of the year if you like. It's a doable commitment to a word don't you think? Consider how you would like to kick off a new calendar year with your business and/or your personal life. Will you go in full-force or ease into it and build momentum (with a plan) as you go? No matter how you do it it's perfect for you. Don't let the pressure of other people's planning and projections that you may see on social media influence how YOU want to do things. This is an easy peasy way to set your intention for the first 1-3 months of 2018. Have fun with it! There's no pressure here.

Share this project with a friend and compare your minimal commitment word ;-). You can support each other to keep your focus on that intention for whatever time period you choose to set you intention on that word.

Here are the Reflection to Projection sheets you can download and print if you don't have a favorite journal.

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