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Day 2 - The 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project

What have you accomplished in 2017 that you are most proud of?

This is a VERY important thing to do and I'm sure you've seen people talk about it, but have you done it? Why don't we take stock of how wonderful we really are? Maybe its because it seems boastful or you are trying to maintain humility. No matter what the reason is, it isn't doing you any good to keep up with this practice of brushing off your awesomeness. I'm willing to bet that you've started a mental list of what you haven't accomplished. Am I right? Here's a fun fact about negativity: Our brains actually have two different systems for negative and positive stimuli and the one that processes negative stimuli searches for more at warp speed and stores it into long-term memory ASAP. Disappointingly the positive stimuli processes much slower and actually has to be focused on for at least 12 seconds for it to move into the long-term memory vault.

So yeah, keep focused on the positive stuff! That's why it helps to write a list of your accomplishments for you to refer back to any time Negative Nelly tries to take up residence in your brain. Get out your journal and take a few minutes to list ANYTHING you feel is an accomplishment you've achieved in 2017. Then circle the ones that really make you feel extra proud.

Share this project with a friend and compare your lists. You can be each other's cheerleader!

Here are the Reflection to Projection sheets you can download and print if you don't have a favorite journal.

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