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Inspiration Is Everywhere

When people think of inspirational authors they often think of the typical big name motivational speakers.

#realitycheck You can find inspiration ANYWHERE.

Right now I'm reading "The Bazaar of Bad Dreams" by Stephen King (go figure). I don't usually read short story collections because I like to be immersed in a long story.

This book has changed my mind on that. Before each story in the book Mr. King shares a little something either about the story itself, the inspiration behind it, or the writing process.

I feel like I'm getting to know one of my all time favorite authors on a more personal level. Here's a little something he wrote that precedes the story, "That Bus is Another World":

"Public appearances aren't my favorite thing. When I stand before an audience I always feel like an imposter. ...The feeling of being the wrong person in the wrong place derives chiefly from knowing that whoever - or whatever- the audience came to see won't be there. The part of me that creates the stories exists only in solitude. The one who shows up to share anecdotes and answer questions is a poor substitute for the story-maker."

I love this! We often talk about imposter syndrome in the entrepreneurial world and Mr. King, an enormously successful man with millions of fans, still feels like one at times. How raw and real is that?

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