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blog vs. BLOG!

I remember several years ago when the itch for "more" in my life first started. I was searching for what it was I wanted to do (or be for that matter).

Coaching was not even a thing I had ever heard of, except in sports of course. Shit, I wasn't really even on Facebook because I just didn’t care what people were eating for breakfast.

I started following Leonie Dawson back then and just loved her energy, enthusiasm and what she was doing in the world. But BLOGGING was a thing that I had zero interest in but was what she basically focused on with her freebies and membership. So I resisted, thinking this kind of thing wasn’t for me.

Her offers did however intrigue me. I even remember sending her customer service an email questioning if the membership was a fit if I had no interest in "blogging".

What I've since discovered is << Blog>> is just a word. Yes, years ago people literally wrote stuff probably every day on a website and attracted visitors and clients from it. But things have shifted haven't they?

Remember back in the early ‘80s when MTV actually showed music videos? The first video they played was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles? Well look what has come around in the social medial world! Video is DEFINITELY something that has woven into a place that was once just written words with a dash of audio.

A lot of people are now incorporating video into how they present themselves in the online business world. And some really good stuff is shared! But then what? With our majorly short attention spans even watching a short video can seem like too much. And maybe it’s just me, but though I do like to hop on and support my peeps while they are live-streaming, I rarely do because I have no idea how long they will talk. Will it be 3 minutes or 25 minutes? Do I want to stay on for an unknown period of time when perhaps I could be doing something else? Honestly I’d rather read what they have to say.

Back to the evolution of the term << Blog>>. Yes, we may have information overload but people still consume it eagerly. The thing is people have their preferred methods of communication and learning. Some like video, some like to listen to audios as they do other things, some like to read (that’s me! I’m totally raising my hand here!).

These days a blog does not need to mean that you are sitting in front of your computer struggling to write something consistently. If you are a talker you can do video and still get your content out there. BUT you should keep it easily accessible. (Insert drum roll) Your <<Blog>> has now become your means of curating your content. So now that term doesn’t sound so heavy to me.

Get your live videos transcribed. You can have them done by a transcription service where they literally type what you said as you said it. Or you can have someone edit as they transcribe to magically transform your recorded content into an article (aka blog post). Then put all this awesome information up on your website.

Voila! Instant blog. But more importantly it becomes a way for you to reference what you have said before, refer people to, and even re-post when it seems relevant to share again. When creating content you can link to articles or videos that you have done previously that relate to what you are now talking about. You have everything in one place and you can even include your video along with the written version so people can choose how they absorb what you are sharing.

If the word <<Blog>> makes you cringe just call it something else. No matter what keep your content in different formats because it is invaluable in your business.

TIP: You can even pull quotes from this stuff to create promo images with. BAM! MORE content re-purposing!

I’d love to invite you to talk with me about how you can maximize your content. I work with entrepreneurs to help them get their ideas of their heads and into action with coaching/project planning, as a creative content assistant or both.

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