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What The Hell Does Cherrise Do?

What I actually do and how I help people may be a tad confusing because you see posts about Getting Shit Done and then Energy Reset posts with my personally created card decks. You may be like, WTF?!

I strongly believe in the need and ability to create balance in your life. You have to have the yin AND yang work together. Too much of one and you are stressed out and probably get sick a lot. Too much of the other and you lazy around and nothing gets accomplished (though you may feel amazing!)

So the energy practitioner in me (Reiki Master & Certified Crystal Therapist) encourages managing your personal energy, taking energy resets, earthing, grounding, breathing, clearing, plenty of sleep, water and good nutrition. These (and more) all contribute to good, healthy energy.

The Get Shit Done, organized and creative side of me is all about helping people actualize their vision. Whether they need just the chaos clearing, strategizing and planning part, the take-over-the-shit-that-stops-me-in-my-tracks part (Creative Content Assistant) or BOTH I’m there to help people keep that ball rolling!

I’ve learned a thing or two about prioritizing and Getting Shit Done throughout my various careers (Executive Assistant aka Wearer of All Hats, restaurant owner, project coordinator, designer). I’ve also experienced the setbacks of stress and overwhelm. So there you have it!

Manage the shit out of your energy and Get MORE Shit Done! A beautiful balance created by necessity.

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