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Haven't Started Your Business Online Because You Think It's Going To Cost $$$$?

I see this a lot; people with great business ideas and dreams who don't step into their vision because they think it's going to cost a shit-ton of money to start. Granted some businesses may have quite an investment. What I'm specifically talking about in this article are online businesses in industries such as coaching, consulting or other services that can be done or sold online.

If you are fairly new to the entrepreneurial world you probably follow some people who have been in the field you are excited about for quite some time. Their videos are all pro, they have tons of professional photos, they email you on a regular basis, you see them in big arenas like Hay House and they seem to be all over the place.

You are thinking there is no way you can compete with that. You experience self-doubt, think you don't know enough yet, second-guess yourself and have downright anxiety about stepping on the gas pedal to get your biz out into the world.

If that wasn't enough, you think you have to hire a web designer to create a Wordpress site , figure out a complicated and costly email platform that the big dogs use, hire a professional photographer to take your pics (which you hate doing), and then have a graphic designer create promo images to use on social media and advertising (because you don't have a creative bone in your body ;-) ).

REMEMBER THIS: Everyone started at the beginning. Everyone. Start where you are and stay in the game to get where you want to go.

Doing it all yourself may scare the shit out of you. I've done it all myself and it's not as bad as you think - trust me. Sure there's a learning curve but there always is with new things. It does not matter if it's perfect right away - you can always change it. Yeah, that was a HUGE realization for me. Do your best to get over that perfection thing right at the beginning.

The most important thing is being confident in what you are providing as a service. The most beautiful website in the world is NOT going to bring you business. The slickest email campaigns are NOT going to bring you business. YOU are going to bring in your business. And confidence comes from doing. And the only way you are doing is by getting out there.

It's a fact that most of us think we need a website in place before we can do anything. Even though there are SO many success stories of people rockin' their businesses without one. I know, I thought that too. I thought I NEEDED ot have a place to direct people. Yes, it does help but it's not a necessity. I do however have solutions for this and help some of my clients get off the ground with a simple, totally customizable and expandable website. But we can chat about that one on one, right?

Here is my go-to list of resources for Starting Your Business Online - FREE.

This is a quick list of tried and proven resources that I use every day. I do own my domain name and I pay for the unlimited subscription with Wix because that was my choice. It's very reasonably priced compared to some other options out there. But you CAN set up your site and publish it at no cost (it will have a Wix address though). I can't emphasize enough the ease of use and flexibility of this platform. If you want me to create it with your content and give you a tutorial on how to use it, I'm happy to create a package for you that does exactly this.

Myth Buster - Myth: If you have a Wix site it won't show in Google results.

Fact: YES IT WILL! Wix has a pretty damned good SEO wizard that can walk you through page by page of your site to get it maximized. You can also submit it to Google and Bing for quicker bang. So calling bullshit on this outdated myth. Don't believe anyone who tells you this, yes I've even heard it recently. Feel free to research it yourself - knowledge is power as they say.

I KNOW there are so many people out there that don't jump in on their businesses because it all seems too overwhelming or there's the misconception of cost. I hate to see that happen. Like you seriously don't understand how much I hate it because I know how simple it can be to just start somewhere. Keeping your ideas in your head is NOT helping those that need you and it's certainly not benefiting you financially.

You CAN do this!

Any questions? Just email me! Want to set up a time to talk about moving you forward? Let's schedule a 30-minute chat.

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