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Do you NEED Market Research?

#realitycheck Market Research can lead to procrastination.

I've been there - I get it. In the beginning of creating a business all you hear about is your "ideal client" or "avatar". Describe them, identify them and where they hang out - essentially you are profiling and stalking. I understand the premise of doing this because it is helpful to know who you are talking to so you can understand their struggles and what they are trying to achieve. But DO you need to know this stuff prior to taking action? Yes and no.

The thing is, once you are actually out there doing your thing this will likely change, at least a little. You don't REALLY know how your business will develop and evolve until you DO IT.

Funny thing, I know. We really like to prep and get everything in order and ready for these "ideal clients" who are waiting for us. But the perfectionism of "getting ready" can, and often does, lead to procrastination in just getting your stuff out there.

You interview people, set up polls, ask for feedback and then you finally launch something. YAY! Then ugh, you wonder what happened if you hear crickets instead of sign up notifications. You outlined and identified your "ideal client" after all. You spoke directly to them. Where are they? They were supposed to be chomping at the bit for your stuff!

And they will. Paper airplanes folks, paper airplanes. Keep tweaking, keep launching. REMEMBER patience and consistency. DON'T GIVE UP. Keep going. See who knocks on your door. Tweak your offers as needed but stay in the game with what you are doing. The clients will come and you will see a pattern in what they are looking for. That is when you will get a feel for the direction to go in. Try not to let yourself feel deflated. Instead feel elated! People want what you have to offer - give them more!

The most important thing is to take action. Over-planning and perfectionism will inevitably lead to nothing. You will be in the same place you were a year ago. Trust me.

Another tip; don't go from apples to oranges too fast. It takes time for your message and services to reach the people that need them. If you feel like you aren't gaining traction quick enough remember to be patient. We have been trained in recent years to expect immediate gratification. That is not a reality. Building things takes time. If you switch gears, say from nutrition coach to medium, people are going to wonder what the hell happened. And it looks a bit flaky, and noncommittal, kind of fly-by-night. Like when your favorite hair dresser keeps moving from salon to salon. Eventually you just give up on them.

Find what you love and stay the course.

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