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Don't Lose Your Brilliance In A Social Media Black Hole

When inspiration strikes and you are moved to share it where do you often go? Facebook? A lot of us do. If you are in business you are looking to connect with people who will like what you offer. So you write out your revelation and hit "post". And there is it goes, launched onto timelines around the world (maybe). And then you likely forget about it unless someone interacts with your post.

You put time and considerable thought into many of your posts, I'm sure. You are using them to connect with people and share tips and insight. Unfortunately time essentially erases everything you post in social media. (I know it's still there but nobody will see it.) SOME of your posts end up in people’s news-feeds, some don’t. It’s all a mystical and every-changing algorithm that I have no interest in trying to figure out. My point here is, you have great stuff that nobody will probably ever see. If they DO see it, “like” it or comment on it, they have virtually no way of coming back to it unless they share it to their own timeline or page. Hell, YOU’VE probably forgotten about some great things you've written about.

Some people are totally resistant to the "blog" concept. For those of you who are, here's my suggestion - choose a word for it that makes you happier. Maybe something like "article" or "shit I want to share" or "thoughts from me". Whatever you call it doesn't matter, the fact that you are saving your brilliant content does.

You could copy/paste all your stuff into Word documents. Boring. Or BETTER, if you have a website copy/paste your valuable posts onto a blog page. This is a perfect way to curate your content. It shows potential clients/customers that you are actively creating and sharing. AND those lovely peeps are right there on your website where they can find out more about you and what you offer.

You don't have to do this for everything you post, I certainly don't, but it's a great idea to keep in mind to help you build your content collection. When you do this, you have it all in one convenient place for you to go back to when you need to reference something you posted before. And you can link to it in social media and in newsletters - again, bringing people to your website.

What I often do is copy/paste what I wrote as a post, onto my blog page and then expand on it. This is a good time to do a little editing and see if you can explain what you wrote about in more detail. Voila! Content curation. Now there are many things you can do like tags, categories, etc. within your blog. Too much to get into right now and honestly not the critical part at the moment. Saving your ideas and keeping everything in one place where you can others can find it is what is important. You can go back and do the other stuff later (something I should probably do ;-) ).

Another tip - you can also create a video about your post/blog article. Re-purpose the stuff you create! People connect in different ways.

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