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A Reminder - Because We All Need Them

Here's a reminder for you (because I have to remind myself of this at times):

Listen to YOURSELF first. What feels good and right for YOU.

There is not really any right or wrong way to do your thing. Absolutely do research, learn and experiment. But just because someone else has an opinion on it, it doesn't mean you "should" do it their way.

I've read things before, or listened to people, and found that I was doing something they thought was "wrong" or "not the way" to do things. And yes, it absolutely stopped me in my tracks and started the whole self-doubt reel going in my head.

But then I bring myself back and say to myself "Hey Cherrise that is THEIR opinion." Maybe they have been in business longer, maybe they just are so full of themselves that they think their way is the ONLY way. No matter who they are or what their business is, they learned along the way too. And they tried new things until they found the ones that worked - FOR THEM.

There is no one size fits all solution in business. If someone leads you to believe that question yourself. Does what they are suggesting feel good to you? Can you see the validity in it or does it just seem like bullshit?

Like I said, TRY NEW THINGS, give a new approach a go, try a new system, try a new coach, try a new product. There is no harm in trying new things and you may actually find something fantastic in the process.

Just stop yourself from going down the self-doubt hole. It's a hard one to climb out of if you go too deep. Trust your gut, listen to your intuition, talk with a friend who gets where you’re coming from. Stay the course and keep doing your thing.

Here's to paper airplanes in 2017!

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