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Are You Missing Out By Staying Comfortable?

People are notorious for not liking change. What we really like is to stay nice and comfortable with things we are familiar with and a routine that is, well routine.

Many of us buy the same brand of toothpaste, the same cereals, the same bread, shop at the same stores and will even pay extra at certain stores just because THAT is where we shop. How pissed do you get when the style of bra you currently own and wear ALL the time is no longer available? I hate that. Shit, we even use stuff just because our mothers did. We are creatures of habit as they say.

When someone suggests that you try something different than what you normally do or use it often sets off an immediate resistance reaction. “Oh no! I’ve been using this as long as I can remember and it’s just fine.” Even if you have a moment of boldness and think you may break the norm all by yourself, your ego steps in and reminds you how comfortable you are right here, with what you know.

I’m going to assume that at some point you have tried the new thing and it was WAY better than the thing you have used for a lifetime. And you were amazed at how nobody told you about this sooner. Well someone may have but you were “good”. Some things may not have actually been better, but you did learn something new by giving it a go. Either way, no major loss. In fact I’m sure you gained something.

Think about all the areas of your life where this concept applies. I am a loyal customer of Toyota. I have had seven of them in my 30-ish years driving. When I didn’t have one I regretted it. I just may venture out at some point (like go crazy with a Honda) but it won’t be for at least 2 ½ years.

Let’s take a look at services. If you have gone to the same massage therapist for a long time you may not want to change. You may even feel like you are cheating on them if you do. Don’t say I’m not right on this one. The same goes for those of us who hire outside services for things such as coaching, graphic design work, or virtual assistant services. You get familiar with the person you use and they “know” you.

But consider this; what if someone else has a fresh perspective or a different skill set than the person you routinely use? What if they are the fresh set of eyes you need to get you fired up about your business? If you don’t try something new you may miss out on something great. The fantastic thing about being a decision-maker is that you can choose to work with or hire whomever you want to. Sometimes you need to try on new hats to see which one fits best. I’ll tell you this, no experience is ever wasted. EVER. No matter what, you try something new. You stretch out of your comfort zone so it gets more comfortable to stretch. You learn new things and have new experiences that you can share with others. And you can always go back to what you are comfortable with if something doesn’t work out. The important thing is to take a leap every so often and see where you land.

When you are aware of the things I’ve just mentioned, the fear that goes along with stepping outside your comfort zone can be soothed. You can flip it around to being excited about what may happen. Think of opportunities that may present themselves. What new things may be learned? Who could you meet? Hell, you may even find a way better bra.

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