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Seasonal Tug of War

There is a challenge going on right now. It's the conflict between Getting Shit Done and the desire for semi-hibernation at the end of the year.

Is it possible to have the best of both of these worlds? I think so but you definitely have to get yourself in the frame of mind to be pro-active.

Plan accordingly and then you can chill. I know, I know, the planning part is sucky for a lot of people. Believe me I more than understand that. But if you don't want to lose traction with what you have already created it's a necessary evil to stay consistent.

The good thing is there are relatively easy ways to stay in the game.

> Have a vision for the next big (or biggish) project.

> Create a plan.

> Lay out action steps with due dates.

> Tada! You now know what has to get done and when.

Brainstorm some small, consistent things that you can do that will keep you visible and moving in the right direction. Something like a no-brainer challenge (like my Totally Chill 30 Days of Gratitude going on right now) or an automated email series where you can create the content in a day or two then set it and forget it. Then you can enjoy some of that chill time.

I’ve mentioned this before but some things need to be heard over and over again. The seeds you plant now will show results three to six months from now. You often have no idea what or when something you put out there has triggered something for someone and they are now ready to take action. Often people follow you or read your posts for quite a while before the time is right for them. So stay consistent and keep doing what you are passionate about.

During this time of year you may want to unplug and scale back on your business efforts for the next month or so. Personally I feel you will be doing yourself a disservice in the long run. Simply be pro-active and get a plan in place to stay consistent so when you are ready to Get Shit Done in the New Year you have a plan to do it. You will have remained visible and in front of the people who are getting ready take you up on your services. Here’s to ending 2016 on a high note and setting up for an even better 2017!

Need a little help with the brainstorming and planning part? Contact me! I have options that go from a 2 hour VIP session to 3 months of coaching.

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