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Giving Birth or Launching Airplanes?

You know that game, Would You Rather? You are given two choices and you have to decide which thing you would rather have or do?

Here's my question for you, would you rather give birth or launch paper airplanes? Total no-brainer for me. Give me a ream of paper! I share this A LOT with fellow entrepreneurs so I figured I would write a long overdue blog post about it.

A fellow coach, George Kao, shared this with me years ago and its one of those things that stuck with me - you'll see why.

It drives me NUTS when women entrepreneurs say they are 'birthing a new project or idea.' Are you freakin' kidding me? That sounds like a simply dreadful experience. So much time, commitment, planning and putting everything you have into it. What if it fails? How disastrous! It's like it could send you into a spiral of despair if it doesn't thrive after birth. How heavy feeling.

On the other hand, if you think of each idea and project as a paper airplane it feels MUCH lighter. Take an idea, fold it up and send it out. If it nose-dives pick it up, refold it and launch again; always fixable, always tweakable. Should the idea, aka paper airplane, you launch soar - YIPPEE! Do a big-time happy dance! Either way, you came up with a plan, you folded the paper the best way you knew how and you launched! The more you launch the better you get at folding that plane so it soars just right and catches the wind the first time.

You tell me, Would you rather... give birth or launch a paper airplane?

I mean if you want to continue to 'birth' stuff go for it! Either way you are putting a little piece of yourself out there. Personally I'd rather take the lighter approach.

Here's to all your paper airplanes taking flight!

If you need any help clearing brain clutter, brain-storming or project planning let's talk. I can absolutely help you strategize to Get Shit Done!

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