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Mental Reset Button

Sometimes I just like to look at my cover photo on FB. Silly huh? This is one of my absolute favorite places. I can literally spend hours there (and fortunately for me, so can my kids!)

When I was growing up my Dad and I would climb out onto the rocks and sit and talk for hours. Funny how much you appreciate places when you move away from them. I could not wait to leave the state of Maine when I was a teenager. I still wouldn't want to be there in the winter no matter what. The place in this picture, Biddeford Pool, is right up the road from the town I grew up in. Every time I visit, which is not often enough, I go there. And spend hours. I also have a small collection of rocks I've collected from there - no surprise to anyone who knows me.

Create Balance - I love this. You cannot "find" balance, you must create it for yourself. I am a HUGE believer in this. Mother Nature is a huge believer in this.

This picture was taken on an unseasonably warm December day just a few months ago. The ocean was like a lake, barely a ripple or wave to be seen or heard. But I have been at this same beach when the waves were throwing salty foam tens of feet into the air, the wind was whipping and crashing waves were like thunder. Nature's balance.

I strongly encourage you to create your balance. We cannot work all the time. We cannot be with family, friends or play all the time either. We must create balance and it can be as simple as finding a photograph that transports you to a place you adore. Much like my FB cover photo. It's a mental reset which actually reduces stress. If you do this very simple act of balance involve all your senses. When I slow down and really look at this picture I engage my senses. I smell the salty air, feel the breeze surrounding me, hear the gentle waves rolling in and the seagulls calling. I can feel the warmth beneath me as I lay on the rocks. If I licked a rock I would taste the salty ocean! But I don't do that ;-) Just trying to incorporate all the senses here.

I breathe it all in and it sort of transports me there. It's a time-out. A break in my day. Give this a try this in your life.

When I post a card from one of my decks onto Facebook I hope it signals you to take a moment to be present. With this photograph idea it literally gives you a break. A moment of reprieve from your day. A quiet, calm, moment of reflection.

Give this click your mental reset button using visualization a try and let me know how you like it!

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