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Awareness is the Key

What are you saying to yourself? This topic has been coming up a lot for me lately in personal interactions, during interviews with guests on The Inspire-view Series™, and in social media.

Are you saying positive things? Are you complimenting yourself? How about that cheerleading? Have you given yourself a pat on the back today for a job well-done?

I certainly hope so! When those negative thoughts pop up in your head catch them. Turn them around, look for the good or just take a really good look at the TRUTH of the matter.

Is what you are saying actually true? Can you KNOW this is actually true? Is there a time in your life that maybe you thought things were not good, or at least not what you hoped, but then the outcome was positive? Maybe you learned something during that time or grew in a way you didn't expect.

Awareness isn't just about what you are saying to yourself. It is also important to be conscious of your actions and reactions.

I always say the key to change is AWARENESS. When you are aware of your thoughts or actions and they are not the positive ones you would like to surround yourself in, catch them and flip them around.

I'm not saying this is easy or being all woo-woo with my head in the clouds. Sometimes life is shit and the people we encounter are morons! No doubt about it. Life is real and we are really living it. Sometimes you just want to scream FUCK YOU to the general public! I totally get it. If you've been in a car with me you would see a prime example of me living the real life.

My point here is to be aware of all the things I've mentioned. Because if you live in a constant state of frustration, irritation, and anger that is going to show up negatively in your life. It can affect your stress levels, your health and your relationships.

So my friends, take a moment to be the guardian of yourself. If this is new to you, write a sticky note and put it in your car, on your mirror in your bathroom, or on your computer telling yourself to be aware.

I'm totally serious about this. You will see a significant change within you when you catch yourself over-reacting or spewing profanities. You will calm down much quicker, you will put things in perspective, and your stress will be reduced.

I've seen the positive benefits of awareness in my own life. I practice this daily (I think). To be honest when this becomes a habit you don't even notice when you are catching yourself and shifting your thoughts. It just happens and you find yourself much calmer. Who doesn't want that? I know I do.

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