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Create It, Don't Look For It


You probably hear a lot about finding balancing, work/life balance, balancing career and family. But what does that mean to you?

I find this is a very individual thing and you can't "find" it, you have to CREATE it. You decide what it looks like, how it feels, how you want to experience it and what it means to you.There is one thing I will tell you that you MUST DO to create balance in whatever form it takes for you,


Do not skimp on this! I tell my friends and my clients that this is a must and that is why I call it non-negotiable.

I know we all have busy lives. If you have children, are a single parent, work full-time, or all of those AND are travelling the entreprenuerial path (or any other combination you can think of) you may be thinking to yourself, "Yeah right. This chick is crazy! I barely have time to brush my teeth." I'm telling you it can be done. It doesn't have to be a day at the spa. You just need to set aside some measurable and uninterrupted time to do something, anything, just for you.

Don't discount the small things you do for yourself. For me reading every night before bed is my thing. Getting to bed at a reasonable time every night so I get enough rest is another thing. These count!

If you don't find the time to be good to yourself, everything else in your life will suffer. That's a fact. Think back and see the results of you not taking time for yourself. Things like irritability, illness, forgetting things frequently, miscommunication and exhaustion can all be results of you not taking care of yourself first.

You kick ass at work right? You get your shit done and line up some more! If that is all you successfully accomplish then you are missing the balance.

Celebrate, acknowledge and honor "ME TIME". Schedule in NON-NEGOTIABLE time for yourself and do it. And make sure people in your life understand how important that is. Even for them.

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