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Which One Are You?

Are You An Observer Or A Participant?

This is an important thing to know about yourself. I'm definitely more of an observer. But I have been pushing out of that a little at a time to be more of a participant because "the squeaky wheel get the grease" so to speak.

Both traits have their benefits for sure! As an observer you are present and soaking in a lot. People watching is an activity I like to do. Just sit on a bench in a busy location and watch those around you. I often find myself wondering what it's like to be them and sometimes get a good sense of that and their relationships with others that are with them. Is that weird? Maybe I'm the only one who does this.

As a participant you would be the center of attention. With all eyes on you you may benefit from the direct focus, even get a confidence boost.

Why is it important to know which trait is your prominent one? Because this can help with how you learn. Online vs. in-person, groups vs. one on one, large classes vs small intimate classes, etc.

As an observer, if I'm in a learning situation I prefer small groups or one on one. With these scenarios I can have more of a personal relationship with the person I'm learning from and can ask questions or particpate much more easily. And I have accountability because of that. I'm not lost in a sea of active participants.

If I'm in a large group I'm often listening to the participants and just soaking up information. I'm not likely to raise my hand and will participate usually only if called on. You may even feel like your question or comment is stupid or not relevent. Does this sound familiar to you?

But how often has that little voice stopped you from raising your hand and then someone else asks the same question you had in mind or makes a similiar comment to the one you were thinking? More often that you may have thought possible I bet.

If you are the participant type you probably work well in larger groups because you are very willing to be vocal and the first to raise your hand. For you, it likely doesn't matter what kind of learning situation you are in because they are all like a small group or one on one for you. Good for you! I'm trying to incorporate more of the participant type in my interaction with others.

Group learning probably works for you as a participant and you aren't afraid to ask questions that pop up for you. You can work on assignments, get them done and bring them along with comments and questions to the next class. You are probably very willing to help others like us observers! We love you for that !

So here's a tip. When you consider coaching, you know to get that kick in the ass you probably need to actually accomplish more goals this year, consider what type of learner you are before signing up for a program. You want to make sure you choose one that is a right fit for you so that you get the absolute most out of it. It's not just about soaking up information, it's about learning and practicing what you learn, its about having your questions answered and having accountability when taking those steps to create the life you envision.

This year I'm working to create a couple versions of coaching packages to accommodate both observers and participants.

I would love to hear your suggestions or comments on what you may like to see me create! Just send me an email or message me on FB.


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