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Not Using Your Crystals?

What Can You Do With Your Chakra Crystals When You Aren't Using Them?

A great way to use your chakra crystals, when you aren't using them for meditation or therapy purposes, is to create a healing grid with them!

This is a very simple grid that you can create if you just happened to buy (from me or someone else ;-) ) a chakra crystal set but don't use them frequently.

I've added some clear quartz points between each stone and a generator quartz in the center to amp up this grid.

When you lay out your stones do so with the intention of healing for yourself, all those who live in and enter your home, or even for the entire planet. Once its completed, place your hands over the grid and set the intention one final time.

If you have a nice quartz point you can use that draw "lines" to connect each crystal to each other while stating your intentions.

Voila! Healing intentions all around!

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