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Why Coaching is Like Getting a Tattoo

Interesting concept right? Why coaching is like getting a tattoo, to some people at least.

Just a few years ago I had no idea what the hell a life coach was. Never heard of it. But I was beginning a journey in my life where I was finally exploring things that interested ME. And as I was listening to a telesummit one day I heard the story of a life coach.

Now here I am, in the life coaching world. Surrounded by coaches who cover all kinds of different specialities from business to spiritual. There are so many coaches out there I don't know how I never heard of them before! Crazy how you are surrounded by something once you recognize it isn't it? Like when you decide on a car you want to buy and you see that seemingly everyone is driving one!

So the thing is, once you are surrounded in the coaching world you see all the shiny offers, all the amazing programs, all the ways to increase your income and visibility and how each of these amazing coaches can help you get from where you are to where they are. Which of course looks much better than where you are - that grass is greener thing. And really, that is exactly what a coach does, helps you get to where you want to go by teaching you what they have learned along the way. With accountability and a swift kick in the ass at times.

A coach is guide. We are there to support you, see your brilliance, and help you to uncover it so you can manifest the life you envision. We are often a mirror so you can see yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing. You build a relationship with your coach when you hire one. Or at least I think you should. You should be able to connect and relate to your coach. There is a lovingly created know, like, trust factor between you.

At least that is the way I work and the way that the coaches I admire work.

Here's my take on how you should approach working with a coach. And it's totally possible my feelings on this will change at some point but right now this is it. I'm getting to the tattoo part, just hold on.

Find a coach you connect with, one that shares similar viewpoints in what you are trying to accomplish. Check in with your core values and see if they seem to share those. Make sure they are relatable.

When you commit to working with a coach the first time you may be a little scared, excited, unnerved, and have that "oh shit" moment (or two) when you wonder if you actually should have spent your hard earned money on this.

I know all about this! I've been there a couple times. But you know what? If I could accomplish what I wanted to on my own I would have done it already! Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from someone who has been there and minimize the learning curve. Get where you want to go faster and more effectively.

Here's what happens to some people when they have experienced working with a coach for the first time. They come to the end of their term with them and start looking for another coach with different or shinier packages and bigger bolder proclamations of success.

Just like getting a new tattoo, you are often ready to jump right out there the next day and do it again! This one will be even better! More colorful, more impressive!

You need to buffer for a bit. Just wait it out, get used to it, really absorb what you already have. The decision to do it again can wait.

Having a coach should not be a perpetual thing. A great coach teaches you stuff you can use over and over and sets you free to take action. Sure, you may need an amp up session at some point after a long term coaching program, but you do not necessarily need to jump right back into another long term coaching commitment.

Sit with what you have learned for awhile. Absorb it, reflect on it, look back through notes you've taken when another idea pops up to see if you already know this shit.

Rely on yourself. Practice and TAKE ACTION on what you already know.

You need to mull in new knowledge for awhile for it to really sink in. My suggestion is that you do this before jumping into the next "tattoo studio". You may just find that what you have is totally enough for right now.

Really sit and consider where you are for a bit. Have you honestly put into effect everything you just learned from this coaching experience? Is it well practiced and routine now? Are you REALLY ready to learn more and take action on more new things? If the answer is yes you may be ready for more coaching. If the answer is no, then work with what you already have for awhile longer.

When you want to step up your game or shift gears you may want to consider more coaching. That's fantastic!

But please make sure you are really ready. Because it is so easy to overwhelm yourself with too much content and information. Excessive learning can lead to complete and utter inaction. And that can lead to a blame game. You may start thinking coaches were lying to you about the outcomes of their programs and that you totally wasted your money. But is that true or were you just too inundated with material and information that you burnt out?

My point is to take your time. Take action on what you have learned and do it again and again. You can't go from zero to one hundred in a second. Growth takes time.

Also keep in mind that there are tons of different coaching options. Short term, long term, VIP days, etc. So consider how you learn best and go with that.

When you are ready to take another step, even if just a little one, and you need some great guidance, a coach will be there to help you along your journey.

Much love!

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