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AHHHH! Is There a Crystal for Getting Through the Holidays?

Here we are again! Holiday time. I could pass on them actually. But I've been trying to look at them in a much simpler perspective. Spend time with family, eat, drink, be merry.

This has become much easier since my children are older because I can give them what they really want - money. No more trying to come up with cool gift ideas that they would like (and then really don't), no more double shopping in my not-so-favorite Christmas alter-ego, Santa (I MUCH prefer Scrooge).

Can I just tell you how much it SUCKS as a single parent when you have little kids?!! If you are, or were, like me and have a limited income, feeling like you have to get gifts for your kids from you and then on Christmas morning from Santa is very stressful. I hated it.

Thankfully that is over and now they can use the cash for what they want or save it for something they will want later. I ususally still get stocking stuffers however - gotta have something Christmas morning!

Many people feel the not-so-joyous emotions around the holidays for any number of reasons. So in this post I would like to share a few crystals that can help support you through such things as feeling depressed, mood swings, anxiety, and stress in general.

(Of course it should go without mention, but seeking the advice of a medical professional is always recommended. I am not a medical professional and the use of crystals is an alternative/complimentary therapy that can be used in conjunction with and to support what is prescribed by your doctor.)

Depression and emotional swings can be lessened with crystals such as malachite and lepidolite which both encourage emotional balance and calm. I like to hold a piece of either in my hand for awhile while sitting outside and just mildly focus on the crystal. This tends to clear my mind and bring about balance in my emotions. You could also lie down and place one of these on your heart chakra located at the center of your chest. Just focus on your breath and release.

I recently picked up this gorgeous malachite cluster of fibrous crystals at a local gem and mineral show. Beautiful isn't it?

Anxiety often creeps in for some people and a couple fabulous stones for that are aventurine and labradorite. Labradorite if rough, can look less than spectacular, but when polished you will see little golden threads within the stone and flashes blue. Just beautiful! Again, you can use them as mentioned above.

You can also place any of these crystals in your bath as you relax in soothing warm water. Or place one in your pillowcase to sleep on for the night. If you like jewelry you may prefer to wear them as a pendant or bracelet.

If feelings of loneliness or isolation creep in mookite and spirit quartz can help to soothe. Mookite, a jasper, is a favorite of mine because the patterns of yellow, cream, and red can be stunning. It can also assist with moving forward in life and in building self-esteem.

Spirit quartz is a sparkly gem that can come in orange-ish colors or purple (amethyst) and white/clear quartz. It is great for revitalizing emotions and brings a sense of belonging. Below is a picture of some I have in my collection.

General stress can be alleviated with some of the crystals I have already mentioned such as lepidolite, malachite, aventurine and labradorite.

And of course don't forget to throw in some rose quartz for pretty much everything listed above along with love and forgiveness. A beautiful soothing stone for all occasions.

And if all else fails - throw a crystal at the person pissing you off! I'm totally joking but thought it was funny anyway!

Crystals make lovely presents and many are shaped into spheres, hearts, or animal figures. So if you think someone could use a little help in some area of their life, look up a crystal meaning and give them a unique gift!

Wishing you a calm and peaceful holiday season!

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