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Clarify YOUR Vision

What is your vision? Have you even thought about it?

Visions help us to clear the path toward something we would like to have or experience.

Everyone has one. No matter how large or small they are there. Even those people who we think already have it all together. Each time we set a goal or plan for our lives and reach it, we strive for another. Sometimes we aren't actually aware that we do this. I can think of an example of this in my own life.

When I was a teenager I wanted a car, of course. My dad bought my first car for me, nothing fancy by any means but it got me around. Then I got in an accident and it was totalled. This wasn't a huge accident but the car cost only about $1200 so it didn't take much to total it. Then I was without a car and had to take the bus to school (nightmare!) until I convinced my friend that I lived on his way to school so it would be great if he could just swing by and pick me up on the way (thanks Kevin!).

Obviously this wasn't going to work forever. I had a job to get to besides school. At some point I got a small loan and purchased another car (my very first Toyota. I've had six in total and drive one now). That Tercel got me to college and home on many weekends.

Eventually after buying used car after used car I envisioned having a brand new car. Brand spanking new with no miles and if anything went wrong with it it would be under warranty. I finally got one when I was about 24 or so (it was leased but that made it possible to have!).

My vision, once I had enough of used cars (there was even one I bought for a whopping $800 once) came to fruition relatively quickly. I put it out there that this was going to happen and my thoughts became reality.

I had no idea about the law of attraction or anything like intentions at that time 20-ish years ago. But looking back how many times has that exact thing happend? I bet if you take a look at how many intentions you set or plans you have made you will see how those thoughts became actual things in your life too.

You may say, "Well, you set a goal and accomplished it. How is that Law of Attraction?" Because if I had not set the intention and taken steps toward that I may never had gotten a new car. I wouldn't have created the opportunites to put this in my path. I could still be driving around in unreliable clunkers. Actually I had one of those not too long ago to be honest.

This works for everything in your life if you really want it. The first step, and a very important one, that I did not realize until lately, is to actually CREATE a personal Vision Statement. This is a personal vision for your eyes only (unless you want to share!) that gets to the feeling of your vision and how it is all doable in a generally specific period of time. The important thing is that it comes from your voice and energizes the possibilities in you!

I have been helping people create theirs recently and the connections I've made have been amazing. Here is what some of the women I've talked to have said about our Vision Clarity chats:

"I was so impressed during my conversation with Cherrise. She is intuitive, articulate and super enthusiastic. I feel more confident moving forward toward my dreams." ~Natalia B.

"Working with you was phenomenal. It really allowed me to get clear on my vision and goal for my future. And the way you explained everything was so new and different to me that I felt it was way more in depth yet made it easy for me to create my mission statement. I feel more confident about being able to accomplish my goals." ~Renae M.

"Had a one-on-one coaching this morn with Life Coach, Cherrise Boucher. She was was absolutely fantastic! Concise, to the point, creative, innovative and heart felt! This gal loves her work and does it very, very well. She has a way of looking at things that can instantly simplify and focus one's goal and make it doable. I love her style of coaching. She's down to earth and real. Wow thanks so much Cherrise!!!! Loved it!!" ~ Jana D.

Vision Clarity Sessions are a little something that I am offering as a little boost to get you to really see the life you envision.

These calls are one on one time with me and are 30 - 45 minutes long. They are recorded so you can listen to it again and I send you some notes I take during our call as well.

This is a process you can use over and over again each time your goals/vision expand or change and I can teach you how to do it so you get really excited about the full potential of your life!

Right now I'm only charging $47 for these quick but impactful sessions!

Just send me an email at to schedule your session! I can't wait to hear from you so we can get YOUR 2016 off to an energetic start!!

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