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A Card Reading Experience

The other night I experienced a card reading like I have had before. It was with a wonderful lady in Hawaii via Skype phone. I"ve had readings before in Cassadaga, FL so I thought I knew what to expect but it seems I was wrong!

We breathed, allowed, and connected over and over throughout the 90 minute session. It was wonderful! She chose cards based on a selection of numbers and letters that she posed to me. She read what the artist/author wrote about each card and its meaning, then empathically, or intuitively, elaborated on the card based on my clarity statement that we created at the beginning of the session and whatever else she picked up on. She was really right on track with the cards! I'm always amazed how this connection to your higher self works. I own several tarot and oracle decks myself and find that I connect better with some than others but it is really insightful when someone does a reading for you.

When we finished our call I can honestly say that I still felt a little "buzzy"! It was relaxing, insightful, gave me some guidance, and lots of things to think about. I will keep my clarity statement handy to read throughout my day at work and to meditate on - even for a brief moment. Something I got out of my talk with Nedrra, among all the notes I took was "Allow, Breathe, Connect." I underlined each letter, A,B,C, and put a cloud around the three words. "This is meaningful" I thought. I contemplated on this for awhile and all the possibilities in encompasses (the ABCs :) )


Allow change, allow guidance, allow yourself to be, allow relaxation, allow joy, allow release, allow surrender, allow forgiveness, allow gratitude


Breathe in and center, breathe in positive energy, breathe in light, breathe in and ground yourself, breathe in nourishment, breathe out and release, breath out so plants may breathe in, breathe out to release negative energy


Connect with your higher self, connect with your guides, connect with the Universe, connect with your soul mate, connect with your children, connect with those you cherish, connect with humanity, connect with nature, connect with now

The time I spent with Nedrra was very valuable and I'm so glad I took the opportunity to Allow, Breathe, and Connect.

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