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Who Chooses Who?

Yesterday I attended the annual Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Show. I look forward to this every year. Of course there is NOTHING like the first time when you attend these.

This year I knew I would probably only be able to go one day so and I had to do it before I picked my son up from school. No pressure! What I really want to see there are the mineral specimens. I'm not as interested in the jewelry, beads or fossils.

(Looking at the picture above I see a bit of a Halloween theme going on!)

This year I had VANADINITE on my mind. I posted a gorgeous picture on Facebook back in June of a piece of vanadite in relation to a post about the New Moon. Since then I've been on the lookout.

I saw a few pieces on a matrix when I arrived and though cool, I was really looking for the individual crystals. And I found them! Just before I had to leave.

The two I purchased are in the center of the picture above. Small little clusters, one red and one more of a brown hue. The red/orange one is from Arizona and the brown one is from Chihuaha, Mexico. Apparently they came from an old collection from the 1950's of a man who had passed away. The gentleman selling them knew about the collection and happened to find it at the Tucson show!

Vanadinite works with the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. This lovely little crystal encourages prioritization, helps you to gain clarity for long term goals, and also had grounding qualities. This grounding quality is great as this crystal also helps to control over-spending; both financially and in terms of generosity.

Along the lines of long term goals it helps to stimulate creative energies AND encourages playfulness which can ofter be overlooked and put aside when we are diligently working creatively on our visions and goals. Playfulness is important to maintain healthy balance in our lives.

I also picked up a couple orange ARAGONITE. Even though I already have an aragonite cluster I thought these individual smaller pieces would be easier to use in grids and therapy practices. These are the two prickly looking crystals on the left in the picture above.

This crystal is good for all chakras and helps in our connection with Mother Earth. This soothing stone is excellent for healing emotional wounds and enhancing emotional strength. This stone can clear your auric field and physically works to improve bone health and increases vitality.

A lovely little TANGERINE QUARTZ laser wand caught my attention at the show. I did not have one of these in my collection so it'll be fun working with this. This crystal is the one leaning against the black tourmaline on the right side.

This slender little orange colored quartz gets it's hue from an inclusion of or coating of iron. As a second chakra (sacral) crystal it stimulates creativity. Meditating with this stone can create bursts of creative energy, inspiration and new ideas. It can also boost sexual desire ;-)!

As a laser wand it can be used to direct energy to a specific area of the physical or energetic body for healing.

I adopted the PYRITE because it seems all I have currently are tiny bits! This is a great stone to use in grids for prosperity and abundance. It works with the 3rd or solar plexus (I Do) chakra. Pyrite encourages a positive attitude and boosts creativity and confidence. This super handy crystal also helps to overcome fear and encourages taking determined action!

I think I'll be putting this one in my pillow case and sleeping on it!

Finally, even though I have quite a bit of black tourmaline, I feel like you can never have too much. This beauty has so many awesome uses and is associated with the first or root chakra.

It can be used to grid your home for protection, both inside and outside. It is a super grounding and protection stone. Smaller crystals can be worn as pendants or bracelets. Larger ones, such as this, can be used in the home and in therapy sessions. Black tourmaline helps to eliminate toxicity both physically and emotionally and is cleanses the auric field.

I tell people all the time that the crystals you choose, choose you. And I can see that is exactly the case in these crystals that I picked up at the show. I'm sure you noticed a bit of a pattern in those that I bought yesterday!

If you have read any Facebook posts or other blog posts you may be aware of the transition I'm about to go through regarding my work. I'll be leaving a job that I've had for just over nine years, the first week of November. I've been building my coaching and energy healing business on the side, s-l-o-w-l-y.

At the crossroads of a new venture I've been trying to figure out what to do. Really kick it into gear in entrepreurship, which is really scary because I have two children and myself to support, or pursue another full-time, steady paycheck, company health and dental insurance, kind of job.

These crystals are all for grounding, clearing, goal-setting, fear-banishing, creative mojo stuff! EXACTLY what I need right now!

See, they chose me.

If you love rocks and minerals, go to a store or show nearby that has a good collection and see which ones choose you!

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