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I don't know anyone who doesn't do this every now and then. Some less than others for sure! When I was younger I was notorious for procrastinating! I remember it well - probably because my mother would harp on me about it. If I had a book report due I recall waiting until the night before to read the book. Not a good idea. My mother falls in the camp of the get-shit-done-yesterday people so I can imagine her frustration with me.

These days I recognize my procrastination a little better and can do my best to at least acknowledge that for some reason I just don't want to do something. At times I know exactly why I don't want to do it. Like getting that gum graft for a receding gum line at one of my teeth. I had that done once before (20-something years ago) and it makes me queasy to think of doing it again.

Then there are things that I can't put my finger on for my procrastination - there's a block of some sort for sure. Perhaps other things that I enjoy more take my attention away from that task. Or maybe I'm just not feeling in alignment with it at the time for whatever reason. Whatever the reason I know that it is ok to feel the way I am feeling. I need to prioritize my to-do's. Obviously if it's not a pressing issue with a life or death consequence I can let it float for a bit and put it further down my list. Some things just need that good ol' accountability to keep moving in the right direction even if it feels a bit like a push at the moment. My coach is really good at keeping me on track :) A key reason to hire a coach is for accountability. You get more shit done when you know someone is going to ask you about it!

My motivation for mundane tasks like folding laundry is simple; I won't want to do it any more than I do now, later. Get it out of the way so there isn't more to do at another time. God knows laundry never ends!

So if something is really not jiving with me and it isn't critical I feel that I can let it rest for awhile. Eventually I usually get that inspiration that comes back and then I'm ready to finish that project or do what needs to be done.

For a little extra support from Mother Earth's babies, those beautiful minerals, you can grab those little energy boosting orange stones. Carnelian and Sunstone are good for energy and vitality. In fact, I have on a carnelian bracelet right now!

Just know that procrastination is something everyone does but never puts on their resume! It's ok and if you recognize it and put a little thought into the "why" of it you will find that you can overcome it. Be kind to yourself. Prioritize the things you have to get done, make a list, and check them off as you do them. If you need an accountability buddy go get one! I'm sure you have a friend who needs to get shit done too ;-)

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