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Fighting Lack of Motivation

Today I was fighting my lack of motivation. It's the weekend and I have a whole two days to do what I please. Since I'm building my business along side my full-time job and raising two kids, that usually means putting together a newsletter, formating my interviews, converting them to mp3s, website work, new project work, etc.

But sometimes I just fight against my lack of motivation. I know I have stuff to do, but I feel like my 16 year old daughter who procrastinates in doing the work she knows she has to do. I fight against the responsible voice telling me to get this shit done! I know, I know! Then I go lay outside in my hammock with my newest Stephen King novel, "Mr. Mercedes". And I'm hooked into lazy mode. Well, "self-care" mode ;-) I think that sounds better don't you?

Do you have days where you struggle with yourself? That little "responsible" get stuff done voice on one shoulder and the little "I don't give a rat's ass what needs to get done I don't want to do it" on the other shoulder. You give both of them a shot to see who will win. You turn on the computer, you open the files you need to work on and you stare blankly at them. Then your mind wanders, you put in a load of laundry, you sweep the kitchen, you stop just for a second to watch what your kids have on TV (for an hour). Finally you say "Fine. I'm going to go read this book for just a little while and maybe I'll feel motivated after that."

Nice try! The day is wrapping up and that to do list didn't get any shorter. Now it's almost bedtime. Great...

You know what? It's OK. Let's just come to terms with the fact that we NEED downtime. I KNOW this but I still struggle with it. When we are resistant to being productive we just need to accept the indulgence of being unproductive. We need the time to replenish our personal resources. Often you will find that you will be waaaaay more productive after you succomb to that lazy day. The trick is letting go and allowing this day. It's easier if it's planned because you are prepared to have a free day. Today was not one of those days.


As I was writing this post by computer gave me a sad face screen telling me it encountered a problem and needed to shut down and restart! OK Universe I hear ya loud and clear! Call it a day and resume refreshed and motivated tomorrow!

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