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Cherrise Boucher

Momentum Strategist

Creative Content Asst.

Create Your Vision 2019Header.png

Where you are right now is NOT where you want to be at the end of this year.

A Vision Statement is a projection of what you want to see in your life just down the road from where you are right now.

If where you are is not where you want to be, ask yourself these questions:

  • What needs to change?

  • How will you change it?

  • Who will you change it with (or without)?

  • When are you ready to make changes? (Hopefully NOW!)

In this process we take a look at all aspects of your life and combine them into a powerful, emotional, clear vision of what is happening in your not-so-distant life, your dream life.

Without knowing your destination you may end up feeling confused, frustrated, and a little

lost because you aren't making any forward progress along the path to your dreams. 

The Vision Statement you create becomes a guide for you. Take it and focus on how it makes you FEEL every day. Expand it into a vision board by taking the aspects of it and creating a visual representation. Even create actual project plans (we can do this together if you sign up for one on one coaching!) to move you steadily forward into manifesting the life you envision.

I created a PDF for you to work through this process step by step.

You can even watch a recording of a past live workshop where we go through the process step by step.

This truly is a powerful way to set the theme and direction for your Best Year yet!

Here's what one go-getter said about this process we did together:

"I just reread the vision statement we created and started crying. Almost everything as we listed has come to pass. I had my first 10k+ month in February. I closed 5 new clients in March at $2,500+ each. I have one client who put a down payment to work with me in six months.  I just added the link to my wait list to my website because I am too busy with school. I also had multiple speaking opportunities last month. 

I can't believe it. Thank you so much for seeing what I couldn't see at that time." Shade Adu Personal Brand Strategist, Empowerment Speaker, Life Coach

I'm offering this at a no-brainer price. You may say to yourself that others offer all kinds of free workshops why is she charging anything for this? Here's why; you invest in yourself more and commit to things if you pay for them. Even if it's a small amount.


Believe me, I'm just like you. I've signed up for all kinds of free stuff and never used it or never attended the online workshop. I've waited for a replay or thought I would come back to something when I had more time. Do you ever have more time? I doubt it.

I KNOW how powerful this process can be. I want to walk as many people as I can through it. Your BEST YEAR EVER is just ahead. Let's create the metaphorical crystal ball to look into and see how real it is!

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