June 2, 2017

When people think of inspirational authors they often think of the typical big name motivational speakers.

#realitycheck You can find inspiration ANYWHERE.

Right now I'm reading "The Bazaar of Bad Dreams" by Stephen King (go figure). I don't usually read short story collections because I like to be immersed in a long story.

This book has changed my mind on that. Before each story in the book Mr. King shares a little something either about the story itself, the inspiration behind it, or the writing process.

I feel like I'm getting to know one of my all time favorite authors on a more personal level. Here's a little something he wrote that precedes the story...

June 2, 2017

I remember several years ago when the itch for "more" in my life first started. I was searching for what it was I wanted to do (or be for that matter).

Coaching was not even a thing I had ever heard of, except in sports of course. Shit, I wasn't really even on Facebook because I just didn’t care what people were eating for breakfast.

I started following Leonie Dawson back then and just loved her energy, enthusiasm and what she was doing in the world. But BLOGGING was a thing that I had zero interest in but was what she basically focused on with her freebies and membership. So I resisted, thinking this kind of thing wasn’t for me.

Her offers did however in...

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