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I was having a conversation today with someone about learning and we rolled around to the topics of sharing stories and teaching. We were discussing how eventually you see the patterns, recognize the overlapping stories and references and begin to realize that there really isn't anything new out there. The presentation changes but the material is the same. Which prompted me to share a story I've shared several times but THIS time the context of it changed for me. Here it is: Algebra, freshman year of high school. Math was never my strength. I remember struggling with it in first grade, bitching about memorizing multiplication tables in fourth grade (that's a whole other soap box I could get

Day 6 - 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project

This is it! The final day of 2017 and the final day of the 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project. Pretty easy little project right? I think so. But it's powerful enough to get the energy moving in the direction you want it to go in the coming year. Did you choose a few milestones yesterday and include both business and personal ones? I hope you wrote down some good ones because when I send out the recorded Vision Statement workshop and sheets you will use those (and all the other prompts) to set the stage for the first half of 2018. Let's take a look at our final Projection prompt: Oh the good ol' comfort zone. If you aren't INTENTIONALLY aware of it it can keep you from moving forward an

Day 5 - 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project

Let's talk milestones (aka goals). These are often somewhat fluid but it's nice to put a few on paper to get started. The exact time frame is totally up to you. If you are like me and prefer small bites do that. Choose a milestone that you can accomplish within the first three months of 2018. If you are a big picture type of person set your milestone for a time further into the year. Either way you'll need to create your action steps so you can be consistent in making strides toward achieving that milestone. But for right now, just make a list of a few potential milestones you would like to achieve in the coming year. Keep in mind, these can change and allow that possibility. Sometimes we

Day 4 - 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project

Are you ready to move onto setting the foundation for what's to come for you? Together over the past three days, we have looked back and reflected on our personal theme, our successes and done a little reality check on what we could have done better in 2017. If you follow me on social media yesterday's card from my Just For Today Affirmation Deck was about being present. Because it's all good and well to reflect and project but we have to take time to BE where we are, doing whatever we are doing in the moment. Resetting our energy by letting go and being present. This is just a reminder to do that. Intentions are everything right? Yes, but there has to be ACTION to go along with the inte

Day 3 - Reflection to Projection Project

Were you impressed with your list of accomplishments you created in Day 2 for this year? Accomplishments are not always physical feats or material things. They can be within you as well. Honoring your personal power and feeling confident for example. It could also be acts of kindness. Make sure you account for all that stuff as well! Here it comes - reality check time. This is a time to take ownership of our choices and actions. Maybe that is exactly your thing here - that you didn't make the choice to take MORE action on a project, your business, or toward a goal you had set for yourself. Maybe it's something else. Yesterday you made your accomplishment list, which likely brought up some "y

Day 2 - The 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project

What have you accomplished in 2017 that you are most proud of? This is a VERY important thing to do and I'm sure you've seen people talk about it, but have you done it? Why don't we take stock of how wonderful we really are? Maybe its because it seems boastful or you are trying to maintain humility. No matter what the reason is, it isn't doing you any good to keep up with this practice of brushing off your awesomeness. I'm willing to bet that you've started a mental list of what you haven't accomplished. Am I right? Here's a fun fact about negativity: Our brains actually have two different systems for negative and positive stimuli and the one that processes negative stimuli searches for

The 6 Day Reflection to Projection Project - Day One

In 2016 I created a 10 day version of this project to guide you through reflecting over the past year and then looking forward into the upcoming one. This year I cropped it down to just 6 days - 3 days of reflection and 3 days of projection ending in the oh-so-awesome Vision Statement. I'm not sure why everyone seems to set a hard finish to the end of a year on December 31st but that is the norm. This could actually be done in smaller 6 month increments so you don't forget some accomplishments and how far you have come and are better able to set your course for the next 6 months. But here we are and "everyone is doing it" right? Let's begin with Day One - Reflection We often start with a "Wo

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