What The Hell Does Cherrise Do?

What I actually do and how I help people may be a tad confusing because you see posts about Getting Shit Done and then Energy Reset posts with my personally created card decks. You may be like, WTF?! I strongly believe in the need and ability to create balance in your life. You have to have the yin AND yang work together. Too much of one and you are stressed out and probably get sick a lot. Too much of the other and you lazy around and nothing gets accomplished (though you may feel amazing!) So the energy practitioner in me (Reiki Master & Certified Crystal Therapist) encourages managing your personal energy, taking energy resets, earthing, grounding, breathing, clearing, plenty of sleep, wa

When Is The Right Time To Invest In Your Biz?

This is a loaded question isn't? We all hear and read a lot about how investing is the ONLY way you will move forward in your business. Since there is a lot of transparency (which I love) among entrepreneurs we often know exactly how much people invest and it can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. That can be freakin' scary! What if you don't have that kind of cash hanging around? Maybe you don't want to go into credit card debt. So what do you do? How can you wisely invest so that you keep moving forward and gaining momentum in your business? Taking risks is what any business is about. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Just starting a business is a risk. You may feel shaky with y

You May Be In Program Overload If...

If you are starting to see that you are overwhelmed with all the free or paid programs or courses that you have signed up for, you are not alone. Many, many newer entrepreneurs find themselves in this situation because they are just SO excited about learning new things and creating their own business. But after awhile you may find that you are feeling stressed because you can't keep up with the material, you are finding yourself dreading participation, and you are feeling like it's just too much to handle. You are in program overload. You are learning a shit ton of stuff, which is great, but you are likely not applying it because you are just trying to keep up. If you just keep learning, se

Haven't Started Your Business Online Because You Think It's Going To Cost $$$$?

I see this a lot; people with great business ideas and dreams who don't step into their vision because they think it's going to cost a shit-ton of money to start. Granted some businesses may have quite an investment. What I'm specifically talking about in this article are online businesses in industries such as coaching, consulting or other services that can be done or sold online. If you are fairly new to the entrepreneurial world you probably follow some people who have been in the field you are excited about for quite some time. Their videos are all pro, they have tons of professional photos, they email you on a regular basis, you see them in big arenas like Hay House and they seem to b

Are You On A Quest For The Perfect System?

This Facebook Live video falls under the topic of "Are You A Serial Investor?" which is my latest resource to help you better decide how to invest and when you should just Get Shit Done already. Do you find yourself coach-hopping or taking course after course because you hope the "magic formula" is in the next thing? Check out this video for a little reality check. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notification of new videos, including The Inspire-view Series™. Make sure to "Like" my Facebook business page for inspiration, tips and who knows what else?! Get the free resource, "Are You A Serial Investor?" by clicking HERE.

Why ANOTHER Coach or Program May NOT Be What You Need

I'm talking about procrastination and the good ol' shiny object syndrome here. It's reality check time! If you suspect that you are a serial investor you might want to check this out. Then grab the PDF, "Are You A Serial Investor?" and find out what you need to be doing if you aren't already. CLICK HERE #realitycheck #investing #coaching #takeaction #procrastination #shinyobjectsyndrome

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